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Cover Artist: Betti Oliver Title: Abundance  Medium: Acrylic  Contact: boliver02@hotmail.com Fb: facebook.com/orchid.plazaartz/ I always had a passion for art and I would say it started when I was a young girl in primary school doing pencil sketches, usually of trees, flowers, and my pet dog. At the time I thought they were fantastic but the […]

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  Are you as healthy, happy and energetic as you’d like to be? Do you suffer from fatigue, anxiety, low mood, poor resistance to stress, digestive problems, headaches, nausea, hormonal imbalances, poor immunity, allergies, skin problems, sleep problems or any other health related issues? Perhaps Natural Medicine can help you. Throughout history, people have always […]

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Harmony CD Cover Artist: Beau Deeley  Contact: www.beaudeeley.net Buy Now! Connect Magazine has branched out and created a compilation Harmony CD featuring 16 fantastic tracks, for only $10! Most of the music chosen is from our own local and talented musicians and few from other areas in Australia are featured also! This awesome project was […]