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recent from Current Issue Oct Nov 17 Edition #141

Cover Artist: Amber Moon Cover Title: Destiny Medium: Acrylic Contact: 0448 783 877 Email: lunargoddess11@gmail.com My subject matter can be anything from detailed sacred geometric mandala designs to large, bold, expressionist styled landscapes. And my medium can be anything from chisels to charcoal. I work with canvas, bone, wood, old musical instruments and anything and […]

recent from Archives Aug Sept 17 Edition #140

Cover Artist: Jeff Phillips-Wefferson Cover Title: Rainbow Cetacean Dreaming Mandala Medium: Acrylic – 2013 Contact:0474 858 882 http://www.dolphinmatrix.com/Jeff/ What Jeff is really about is creativity in harmony with a highest spiritual path. His mission as a crew member of Mothership Earth is not only to honour the beauty and power of nature, but to create […]

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Harmony CD Cover Artist: Beau Deeley  Contact: www.beaudeeley.net Buy Now! Connect Magazine has branched out and created a compilation Harmony CD featuring 16 fantastic tracks, for only $10! Most of the music chosen is from our own local and talented musicians and few from other areas in Australia are featured also! This awesome project was […]