Connect Magazine was born in March 2004 in Cairns, Far North Queensland. It’s creation inspired by the desire to build peaceful communities and spread messages that inform, inspire and integrate the community.

Connect Magazine’s objectives are:

  • To be the best holistic publication in North Queensland—keeping people connected with each other and what is happening here.
  • To publish information and inspiration that integrates our community and promotes Peace  and Harmony.
  • To be an affordable medium for people and to support the profitability of our clients and local community groups.
  • To remove the barriers that separate us from each other and our true Divine Selves.
  • We believe that infinite possibilities exist and that there are no limits to what we can achieve.


About Donna Leigh

Donna is an inspirational woman who has brought the Connect Magazine to South Queensland. She is a connector, bringing people together and also specialises in bringing enlightening films to the community.

Renee Cashman is the founder and creator of Connect Magazine and has been managing the North Queensland edition since it’s inception in March 2004. She is president of the governing not-for-profit organisation Bee Universal Inc, and supports Donna Leigh in the production of the South Queensland edition. She is also a Sound Therapist, Qigong Leader and mother.