Bee Universal Inc. is an innovative not-for-profit organisation dedicated to spreading messages of peace and harmony and fostering community spirit. This purpose is carried out utilising a number of mediums, including the well known holistic community magazine, Connect Magazine, which began in March 2004 in Cairns, Far North Queensland. The content of the Connect Magazine has reached out through another medium, on the airwaves with radio, and the Connect in Harmony Radio Program born August 2015 and airing on Cairns FM 89.1 every Tuesday.

Bee Universal Inc also creates special celebratory community events, that continue to provide a setting that people can be informed, inspired and integrate. We are focused on building peaceful communities and helping  people to find health, harmony and happiness. The powerful community art pieces we love to create, known as Human Mandalas, brings people together and opening hearts and feeling our connection with each other and all things.  This image was the very first Human Mandala for Peace we did in 2003.

The bumble bee is a reminder that miracles are natural . The bumble bee  is so big and it’s wings so small and slow moving, that scientifically it shouldn’t be able to fly. The bumble bee is our logo because we, just like the bumble bee, are unlimited, and can achieve anything if we put our heart and soul into it.

The Bee is also symbolic, as a bee is a worker, in service for the community,

a builder, creating abundance, sweetness and healing.