Author Guidelines for Connect Magazine  – South Queensland

We welcome articles for Connect Magazine Sunshine Coast, which is published four times a year, in alignment with the seasons, and released for the Solstices and Equinoxes.

We publish articles on health and wellbeing, spirituality, community, environment and the arts.  

We try to include all articles submitted however, at times we receive more material than we have space to publish in a particular edition (the size of each magazine is limited by the amount of advertising booked for that month) Any articles not published we put aside to be published in future editions.

Following are some guidelines to help to increase the likelihood that your article can be used.

To be considered for publication articles need to:

  • be interesting, informative, accurate and uplifting/inspiring;
  • be your own work (quotations or sections of others’ material must be appropriately acknowledged);
  • include, if possible, an idea or an application of your topic that the reader can apply to enhance their day-to-day experience;
  • be up to 900 words in length (see below for more information);
  • be free of self-promotion or advertorial content, i.e. not be disguised advertising material (see below for more information).


Articles should be submitted by email, preferably as a MS Word attachment; definitely not pdf. Please don’t use any page formatting and please don’t type solely in upper case; use lower case also for headings and subheadings. Accompanying photographs can be submitted as a jpeg or pdf and will be included where space permits.

Preferred article length is 900 words. This helps to increase the number of articles we are able to include in each edition of the magazine. If an article is over 1000 words we might request that you shorten it to the required length, or alternatively our editorial team might remove material to bring it back to fewer than 1000 words.

  • Please use only one space after a full stop.
  • Use double inverted commas “ for dialogue, and single ‘ for ‘point makers’.
  • Please spell-check your article before submitting.

Please ensure correct spelling for all proper names including place names, and for technical terms, as we might not be able to check these and could inadvertently print them incorrectly.

To increase the chance of inclusion in the upcoming edition, please submit articles by the end of the prior month, however we have until the first week of the release month to receive articles. This gives the editorial team time to read and if necessary make changes for clarity, grammar, spelling or length.

As well as your name, if you wish you may provide a short ‘byline’ for the bottom of your article (up to 30 words). This could include your qualifications or experience and a phone number or email address. A web address would be considered advertising, as would workshop details etc. so should not be included. (A paid advertisement containing such material can be placed close to your article if you wish.)

Advertorial material:

Advertorial material is material in the body of an article or in your biographical summary that promotes your business or practice. The inclusion in an article of workshop details, or the fact that particular services or products can be obtained from you, are examples of advertorial material.

Connect Magazine is funded by advertising and any donations we receive. We appreciate the invaluable contribution of our advertisers and it is important that we don’t undermine these people who generously pay for ads, by accepting free advertising in the guise of articles.

Where practical, advertorial material is removed from an article during the editing process, so that the article can still be published. Where this is impractical (perhaps because much of the article is a form of advertising), you have the option of paying for the space and having your article published as if it were a story, with the word ‘Advertisement’ placed at the top or bottom of the page. As an indicator of the advertising cost for this type of material, 900 words plus the author’s bio and a small photo would be approximately one full page. Advertising rates for the magazine can be found at

Regular columnists:

We request that material for our regular columns be submitted by the 15th of the month prior. In addition to your qualifications and contact details, your ‘bio’, to be published at the end of your column can include a small personal photograph, your business name and a web address. However, any information regarding workshop dates, consulting times etc should be submitted separately as paid advertising.

We look forward to receiving your contributions. If you have any questions about material that you would like to submit to the magazine, please feel free to contact us at