Welcome to this special edition on Freedom. Well, it’s the big subject of out time however if we take a look throughout history it’s always been a big subject. We like to think we have evolved with all our inventions etc and yet we are still in a power struggle, still standing up for freedom and human rights.

In the centre spread of this edition, page 32 and 33, we feature Freedom Leaders, just six inspirational people who helped lift humanity to more equality.
Although we highlight these legends, and there are many more, each and everyone of us can be inspirational in standing for freedom. And that is what thousands have done not only here in Cairns but across the world! Read the article on page 14 and 15 FNQ Rally for Freedom by Federal Candidate for Leichhardt, Silvia Mogorovich.
I did put it out there that I was putting together a list of businesses that won’t discriminate on your health choices, but it’s a BIG job that I didn’t have time to do effectively. I’m so sorry but the list is on hold to publish it in the next edition, depending on how things roll out.

We also feature an article about GMO foods and industrial agriculture in Food Freedom on page 10 and 11 by Lisa from SeedSavers.
And Dave Chambers, our radio show host at Connect In Harmony Cairns FM 89.1 has submitted an insightful article into how our experiences, beliefs and emotions can keep us trapped into limited ways of being in Your Prism is Your Prison on pages 24 and 25.
And I loved the article Freedom from Knowing by Ivy Amara on page 20. Oh yes to just let go of needing to know and understand it all! Letting go of the mind and opening the heart to faith. Well, that’s what it means to me.
This edition we say goodbye to the amazing wizard Astrologer Rob Hart. Rob has been writing for you, in these pages, for about 17 years! We thank him so much for sharing his unique and special insights into the stars and wish him the best in his future endeavours. You will still be able to find his details in our A-ZEN Directory forever more…. and you can still find him at the Heritage Markets in Kuranda.
So we introduce you to the new Astrologer Hazel Leung, who has been practising Astrology since 1989! Find out more about Hazel in our Introducing Column on page 62. And check out her Astrological Insights on page 51.
So there’s quite a few different perspectives on freedom in this edition that I hope you enjoy.
In February we see the annual Random Acts of Kindness Week which you can read a little about on page 30. Get on board with the Kindness Crew of FNQ and help spread kindness throughout our community. And this beautiful cover art by Chrissy Foreman is called Kindness. 
May you all have a happy Christmas and an empowering New Year.


NEXT EDITION: March, April, May 2022.
THEME: Women
DUE: 15th FEB

With love from Renee

Renee Cashman-McAlpine

Editor and Manager