Welcome to this amazing 165th edition of Connect Magazine North Queensland for June, July and August 2022. #connectmagazinenorthqueensland
In this edition we look at LGBTQIA+. This is the first time we’ve run this theme in 18 years and it’s a wonderful opportunity to educate and open peoples hearts and minds, to deepen understanding and compassion for all that don’t fit into the traditional male/female box.
Some of these articles are from people on the front line so to speak, such as teenager Aeryn Gale in his article Intolerance In a Tolerant Society on pages 12 and 13.
And emotional health coach, Ken Reid, shares in The Pain of Gay Lonileness on page 16. And you can get to know Ken, who is new to the area, a little better in our Introducing Column on page 62.
And Lyle Cleeland shares a journey through religion and discovery in Reinventing a Queer Spirituality on pages 40 and 41.
A peronsal story from a mother with some great tips for navigating this blurry path is shared in Embracing the Alphabet, by Lauren Joy Wilson on pages 10 and 11.
Top Tips to be a Great Ally by Sexologist Ella Shannon provides even more insights on how to navigate around these subjects in the community on pages 18 and 19.
We’ve also got a great article from Buddhist Monk, Bhante Akāliko about Rainbodhi Buddhist Community on pages 24 and 25 and how the Buddhist community is embracing LGBTQIA+.
On pages 20 to 23 we highlight the beautiful Mission Beach region and support local businesses and a special Wellness Trail happening in July. A perfect time to head to the jewel on the Cassowary Coast.
This edition the therapy feature we delve into is Pranic Healing by Bruce Sexton on pages 30 and 31.
And of course we have all our fabulous Regular Features covering many topics including recipes, gardening, essential oils, herbs, dreams, astrology, feng shui, animal medicine, book reviews, crystals, and of course the insightful Siddha Stories.
Our CommUnity Calendar highlights some special events in the region and our A – ZEN Directory in the back of the mag and online, aims to make it easy for you to find complementary and alternative therapists, services and products.
Hope you enjoy this edition.

September-October-November 2022.

DUE: 15th August

With love from Renee