Welcome to this fresh new look Connect Magazine in perfect timing, of course, as we launch into Spring and the September, October, November Edition 2021.
Spring is all about new beginnings so it’s very fitting we are launching this new look mag. We’ve improved readability, we’ve created some space! What?! Over the years, yes seventeen of them, I have jammed the information into these pages! I wanted to get as much out as possible, that extra article might just be what someone needs to read.
In reflection my life has been much the same. I have jammed as much as I can into it, going for it, whatever I can conceive, I can achieve. But, just like the magazine, I am creating more space in my life to just … be.

So how does one balance the desire to have as much information and inspiration as possible published and have the aesthetics inviting you to read it?
The comprimise has been to publish the FULL article online! So all of it is still available. This is for our regular feature articles only and you’ll see the footnote to let you know there’s more information on our website. This edition we’ll have more on the Herb, Oil, and Astrology online.
And this edition we welcome new Essential Oil columnist Toni McMahon from Townsville. She launches with an unusual essential oil, Turpentine, on page 48. Extra features online- a bath recipe with turpentine oil to reduce cellulite.
Explore the connection of your hands and fingers with our new regular feature Mudras with Yoga Instructor Jassie Maude on page 45.

To wrap up the Chakra Series we’ve been going through for the last seven editions, this one has a theme Beyond the 7 Chakras, and so looks at other ‘minor’ chakras in the body and extending out of the body. Beyond the Seven Chakras by Jo Wooler in the centrespread, pages 32-33, provides a comprhensive list of other chakra points, both in the body and out of the body.

Spiritual Skin by Cilla Maden, pages 10-11, reveals the layers of the aura and how they interact with our lives.

Shadow Work by Riley Kinnenun, pages 14-15 begins the series with clarifying what the shadow is and how to begin to witness and accept it as part of yourself.

This edition also sees us appreciating the Tablelands from page 18-26, with Shining A Light on the Tablelands. Check out pages 20-21 for information about the only iPyramid in FNQ.

The launch of the first Health, Happiness & Harmony EXPO in Atherton was the instigator of this feature as it highlighted local small businesses. Check out some pics from the Expo on page 19.      Big thank you to everyone involved in co-creating such a beautiful day.
I hope you enjoy this edition and please let me know how you experience the new look!

NEXT EDITION: Dec 21, Jan/Feb 22.
THEME: Freedom
DUE: 15th Nov

With love from Renee

Renee Cashman-McAlpine

Editor and Manager