Welcome to the 171st edition of Connect Magazine North Qld for Dec 2023, Jan and Feb 2024 with the theme of Common Ground.
This months cover art is a bit different, it’s actually a silk painting, Blue Moon by Yumico Tanaka. We felt it reflected common ground well. You can learn more about Yumico on page 29.
Food is definitely a common ground we all share and on page 9 we feature an inspiring article by Chris Gloor, Collaborative Resilient Community which focuses on how important our food systems are for our health and our sense of community.

On page 12 and 13 local Counsellor Lucy Bizot writes Common Ground and Relationships with some really good insights and tips to help all of us have more meaningful relationships.
Grounding on page 16 by Alvia Ronalds draws attention to how important it is that we spend time in nature and plug into nature instead of all our devices.
This edition we feature a special Study Guide – Courses 2024 on page 20 and 21. We hope these fantastic courses inspire you in the New Year. And if you’re concerned about study, local coach Sophie Anderson shares some great tips with Study Success on page 19.

And of course we have a fabulous range of Regular Features covering all topics from gardening, to essential oils, herbs and astrology and so much more! Check them out from page 30 onwards.
Thank you to everyone who came along and made the inaugural Sound Healing Symposium such a success. I could only fit a few pictures in on this page from the event but you can check out more on our website.

Next edition is our 20 Year Anniversary Edition! Yes we were birthed in March 2004! We’re holding a very special dinner hope you can join us for that and all 172 editions on display!
Hope you have a happy Christmas!

By Renee Cashman