Welcome to this wonderful Women’s edition of Connect Magazine North Qld for March, April and May 2022.
This edition will speak to 80% of us who are women however for the other 20% of readers, there’s still plenty to read and enjoy, like Digital Health by Melusine Martin on page 22, and Embracing our Divinity by Kerrie Womersley on page 26.

We also have a fantastic look at the year ahead through Chinese Astrology and the Year of the Water Tiger on the centrespread pages 32 and 33, by Feng Shui Master Jan Leese.
And the therapy we delve into in this edition is Clinical Aromatherapy by Shane Wyper on pages 28 and 29. And of course we have all our fabulous Regular Features covering many topics.
Some of these women’s articles may provide some insight to deepen your understanding of the woman in your life. We could all benefit from the article by Sexologist Ella Shannon on page 14 and 15, Having A Great Sex Life, highlighting five issues that commonly arise.

A big part of being a woman is our menstrual cycles and the amazing ability our bodies have to create another human being. In this edition we cover a variety of Seasons of a Woman, by Jo Wooler on page 18.
Sacred Rites of Passage by Donna Raymond on pages 20 an 21, looks at the time of menarche, when a girl has the first occurance of menstruation.
Menopause Is Not Taboo by Sandy Davies on page 10 and 11 looks at not only symptoms but some tips how to deal with menopausal symptoms.
Wendy Everett talks about the power of The Crone on page 17 and Jeff Cotter and women from a local drumming group have written about their experiences in Women In Drumming on page 12.
I intend to balance things out and run a Men’s Edition, when Father’s Day is around, so in between and the next edition will be LGBTQIA+ . Love some feedback on what you think about that!
Some terrible news at the beginning of the year was the passing of our Regular Recipe Columnist, Corinne Love Joy.
She was bright, passionate, professional, and an amazing cook. I was fortunate enough to eat some of Corinne’s scrumptous cooking although I’ve not cooked any recipes myself yet! Sorry Corinne!
So in honour of her, I’ve put all Corinne’s recipes together in an E-book, Corinne’s Cookbook. You can download it off our website and maybe to honour her we can all cook her recipes and thank her for the gifts and memories she’s left behind.It’s always so hard when we lose young people, it seems so unnatural. Bless your spirit and fly free beautiful woman. Read more on page 41.
Welcoming our new recipe columnist another Naturopath who can inspire us with healthy recipes, Mayumi Kojima. Check out her Recipes on page 43.
Hope you enjoy this edition.

June-July-August 2022.

DUE: 15th May

With love from Renee