Welcome to the Third Eye Chakra edition for March, April and May 2021. And although this edition is filled with awesome and inspiring articles, I want to firstly tell you that this edition sees Connect Magazine turning seventeen years old!  Wowee!

It really hit me when this editions Cover Artist, Tamlin Winlaw, told me she’s been reading the magazine since she was a teenager and now years later she’s on the cover!

I was inspired to create the Connect Magazine back in 2004 and it was set up under the umbrella of non for profit organisation, Bee Universal Inc. We had a good team to launch the magazine, with people like Aneira Elwyn and Annabel Muis essential, and Davini Lewis came up with the name!

Connect started off as an A5 magazine x 500 copies around Cairns and has gone through many changes over the years.  It was a monthly magazine up until Oct/Nov 2015 when Connect beccame bi-monthly, after my son Paul died and I needed more time for myself. In 2019 Bee Universal. Inc was no longer in operation and I made Connect Magazine North Qld my personal business. Then in 2020 Covid came which created changes again to what is now the quarterly magazine. We currently print 64 pages x 3500 copies.

I have enjoyed my work putting this magazine together over the years, often for little reward but the feeling of having a purpose and spreading positivity. I’ve got to meet many people in our community and I’ve had so many different therapies as a result of doing the magazine. I always joke that I must have really needed a lot of  work to be given all these therapies to try.  I’ve had some really challenging moments meeting deadlines and managing people. But I’ve also had some very special highlights like Neale Donald Walsh, Deva Premal, David Hudson, and Bob Irwin to name just a few.

Hopefully I can keep fulfilling this need in the community for a few more years yet before someone else takes the reins. Please send in your feedback on what you like best about the magazine and how the magazine can improve. Of course what makes the magazine is the community contribution, without that, there’d be no reason for the magazine to exist!

So thank you!

Renee Cashman-McAlpine

Editor and Manager

(pictured here with my sister 

Chantal Cashman and RAK)