Feng Shui

Preparing for 2023

In the Chinese calendar we have two new years, solar and lunar and they are for different reasons. It is now time to prepare for the Year of the Water Rabbit, which is the yearly energy for 2023.

The next Lunar New Year is on Sunday 22nd January 2023.  We use lunar dates mostly for celebrations and the biggest of all is Lunar New Year.  You want to start preparing now by decluttering, and don’t forget your garden.    Once decluttered you want to spring clean as much as possible both inside and out.  Don’t forget your windows and doors.  Do this until Saturday 21st January, being Lunar New Year’s Eve.  On top of spring cleaning, you want to have paid your bills before this time, pay off as much debt as possible and generally do any duties so you feel accomplished.

Finish your spring cleaning early in the day on Saturday so that you can buy some lovely fresh flowers, have a bowl of fruit and decorate your home for Reunion Dinner.  This very special dinner is held on New Year’s Eve and is a special gathering of family and close friends.  Think abundance so rice, noodles, spring rolls, individual fruit not one pineapple, plenty of different meals not one chook.

Reunion Dinner is a time for fun and laughter and to give each other, especially the young and elderly, a lucky red envelope (available at the Asian stores).  You can put some money in and a personal wish to have a good year.  Children especially love to have this little red envelope as a traditional gift every year.

Once the meal is over, clean up and throw away your rubbish as New Year’s day (Sunday 22nd), you do not throw away any rubbish or clean the house for a few days.  Some people stay up late into the night to welcome in the new year’s energy.  Ensure you shower before you go to bed.

Sunday 22nd is the day to go out and socialise, wear some nice new clothes, if you have a new money purse take that with you. Today don’t swear, don’t get angry with road rage, try not to break anything, spend the day wishing everyone a Happy New Year.  You want the new energy to settle in your home so that is why there is no cleaning.

If you can only get one day off make it Monday 23rd January and return to work on Tuesday 24th January.  Whatever day you return to work ensure you start off the same way, ie say only good things to people.

Enjoy Lunar New Year in your decluttered, clean, organised, new energy, high vibration home and work space.  It is a wonderful time of year and I promise you will feel so organised and ready for a great Year of the Water Rabbit.

The solar New Year is for feng shui and will be discussed in my next article.  For reference the Solar New Year for 2023 starts on 4th February 2023.

Jan Leese, The Qi Consultant, Accredited Classical Feng Shui Master. 

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