Feng Shui

Feng Shui – Love

You know that ‘feeling’ you get when you are in harmony with another, when you are in LOVE and look into each other’s eyes/souls and nothing else exists?  Everything around you is in flow, magical, in sync.  That deep inner knowing you get – it is just like nature, nothing is happening, but everything is getting done.  

It has nothing to do with male and female it has everything to do with two types of energy being beautifully connected which then creates a new energy: LOVE. It is the joining of yin and yang at the perfect point of connection.  When two people come together in harmony and create LOVE, there will be a yin and a yang – one can does not exist without the other.  LOVE is LOVE as we say.

You get that feeling when a home has good feng shui.  Hidden in the yin and yang layers there is a perfect combination that produces HARMONY, and we can feel it.  We can’t see it, but we know it is there.  To create more of this fabulous feeling look around your home and honour the yin and the yang and see what’s missing.

Your yang spaces are your active spaces e.g. your front door, lounge, kitchen, dining, and patio. Ensure they are bright, light, uncluttered so the energy can flow. Add plants as they are always growing, they are yang, have stunning lights etc.   Your yin spaces are basically your bedrooms so ensure they are softer with cushions, rugs, softer lighting, window covers, snuggly bed covers.  Once you have defined and honoured the natural yin and yang of the space as intended for its use now you can tweak things.

Perhaps you can have a little yin space within your yang lounge.  Perhaps it is just a comfy chair where you feel fully supported when reading your book and be dreamy? Perhaps you can look out the window, perhaps there’s a soft cushion or throw you like to touch when sitting in your nurturing yin space.  Have a space to put your warm, nurturing herbal tea and of course a place for your furry family member to snuggle with you. That point where your bit of yin space is a natural part of your major yang space will often create, give birth, to that feeling of HARMONY.  How about in the YANG garden, create a little comfortable space there for you to sit and enjoy nature? Make sure it is truly relaxing.

If a space feels too still, too yin even though it is a living space –  just add movement such as a moving clock, fan etc  Big plants with big leaves, less floor coverings, opening up all the windows, better brighter lights, tall lamps rather than short ones also help but you may need that movement too.  Put the dogs water bowl there to encourage your pet into the space.

Enjoy playing with yin and yang in whatever form it may be until you can feel it, look into your home’s soul and feel what it needs – everything is energy.

Jan Leese, The Qi Consultant, Accredited Classical Feng Shui Master. 

Ph: 0405 188 064