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Annual Energies 2024 – The Year of the Green Dragon

Dragon years are famous for being powerful significant years. The Dragon is the only mythical creature out of the 12 Chinese zodiac animals indicating a year of mystery and intrigue, when anything is possible.  2024 (4th February 2024 to 2nd February 2025) also marks the beginning of a new powerful 20 year universal cycle known as the Age of 9 – this important cycle is the last period of time before we start a new 180 year cycle.  2024 is also the beginning of a different 10-year cycle.  It is clear we are in a time of endings and beginnings.

The new 20 year cycle brings a change to humanity which has been coming in strongly since 2020.  This qi is related to the element of fire. Fire is about showbiz, pizazz, drama, entertainment, the energy sector, our eyes and our heart plus so much more and of course the actual effects of living with heat and fire. It is intangible.  It strongly supports the digital age;  there is no definitive yin or yang but a mingling of both. It is a time when our physical and our digital worlds mould together – we have already seen this beginning to happen.

Chinese Metaphysics is all about understanding the cycles of qi and using them to our benefit.  You can’t ski on the ski slopes in summer for example but you can picnic.  Know the season and use it for your benefit – the season for the next twenty years is about experiences and less of the physical (think minimalism; co habiting, co working spaces; less of the permanent).  Fire is unpredictable, fast, you can’t hold onto it. Fire can be a roaring destructive yang bush fire or a yin romantic candlelit dinner.  We are in for quite a ride – remember the only thing that does not change in life is change itself.  If things are too fast for you in this new era then the stillness from meditation, yoga, mindfulness will become more important than ever for daily balance and peace of mind.













In our homes the feng shui for 2024 needs to take into account this new 20 year cycle as well.  To begin with if you have a door or window in the south of your home then you need to have this window/door open more.  We will see some buildings dying and some coming to life as this new 20 year cycle changes where our most beneficial qi comes from and this is unique to each home.  But to do the best you can do for the current year use the qi map below showing you the annual energies in your home or work space.  The places to watch out for are the Southeast which has sickness energy supported on other layers therefore quite strong and the west which has a few layers of very negative qi. My favourite places to spend time in and cover yourself with the beneficial qi of 2024 are Southwest, East, North and Northwest. See the recommendations shown in the map below. April 2024 and January 2025 bring monthly energies that duplicate the chart below so the good is even better and the bad is worse!

To know where these areas are in your home stand in the middle and get your compass out and see what sector your front door is in, your bedroom, lounge, etc – wherever you spend time or enter the home.  For example, if you stand in the middle and see that your front door is in the West where there is strong obstacle and other negative energy then you may like to come in through a different door.  Likewise if you have a door in the west or south east that bangs and bangs when used ensure you fix it now and keep these areas as quiet as possible until February 2025.

Note on the chart it also shows which sectors you should not renovate this year if possible.

On top of the above you don’t want to spend long periods of time facing the cusp of Southeast/East or have the crown of your head pointed towards this direction as this is where the Dragon is found, he is the most important energy for 2024.  Instead turn yourself around so that this direction is behind you for great support.

Jan Leese, The Qi Consultant, Accredited Classical Feng Shui Master. 

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