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Annual Energies 2021

In February each year one layer of unseen energy changes in our homes/ businesses/ spaces.  In this article we will look at what they are this year until February 2022 so that you can make the most of your home or workspace and avoid the energy that does not serve you.

Whilst a professional classical feng shui audit uses the actual specific degree (with the reading taken on a Chinese luopan outside) to construct and analyse your building’s own natal chart – for this annual layer you can use a general compass reading looking at your house from the centre outwards as you only need to know 8 directions which are 45° wide each so plenty of room for you to play with.

Stand in the centre of the house and face the front of your home.  The front will be where the most yang energy is normally the road and front door are found there including your living rooms. But if your home is built to look at the sea for example, then the front door could be the back and the sea, because it is so yang, is the front.   Let’s say for example when you stand in the centre and look towards the front of your home you realise the front faces the East and your front door is also in the East – you have some creative, romantic energy there this year that is also good for studying or teaching etc.  But you normally come in through your garage internal door and your garage is found in the South East now you know that coming in through the garage activates the unhelpful energy of obstacles, problems, loss etc.  So from the chart below you know to come in through your front door until February 2022 and add a touch of red to the door area plus keep the garage quiet, and remove and red and add real round metal.

Something to note is in 2021 the Ox is the King of the energies and he is found in the North East.  It is recommended not to face the NE but to sit with the NE behind you facing the SW.  This way you have the support of the most important energy behind you (check your work desk too).  It is also not a good idea to sleep with the crown of your head pointed towards the NE in 2021.  Face your deities to the SE this year.  This all changes in February 2022.

Once you know which rooms are in which direction read off the table below as to what energy you have where. Use the recommendations in bold).  If a room is in two sectors take the safest option.    The secret is to use the energies for your benefit.  Stay away from the unhelpful energies as much as possible 😊.

Jan Leese, The Qi Consultant, Accredited Classical Feng Shui Master. 

Ph: 0405 188 064