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Feng Shui – Connection

Think about the gathering spaces you have.   Up here in Far North Queensland we gather together outside and normally around a table, this is ideal.  If you have a fire pit, BBQ area or just a table and chairs ensure that you can all look at each other with a common purpose ie sit around the fire pit not in a straight line.  What about when you do come inside to eat – are you sitting around a dining room table or watching TV and not talking to each other?  It is an easy habit to fall into especially when everyone is tired and talked out after a busy day.

Having your furniture laid out so that you naturally face each other when you sit down, encouraging a conversation, is an easy, no pressure way to help the family to gather. You want the space to say “come and join me”.  In the lounge, even if you watch TV, ensure the chairs face each other not just the TV, with a common item to share such as a coffee table.  For the dining room try and have a round table if possible so that no one is left out. How about having some stools around the kitchen bench to encourage the family to sit and chat whilst the food is being prepared – even better is everyone prepping the food together.  Just by setting out your furniture in an inclusive way helps to encourage the connectivity within the family.

In the parents’ bedroom you want to encourage connection to each other by only having loving pictures of you and no children photos, they can go elsewhere in the home.  Try to make the bedroom balanced ie bedside lamps on both sides.

Now look at how each person connects to the home individually?  Is there a special place each person likes to go?  Give the reader of the family a quiet spot away from the noise with a comfortable chair, a floor lamp, and a side table for their cup of tea, encourage them to do what they love in a space they love.  For the gardener or handyman have the tools easily accessible in a workspace they love to go to.  For the children have a place where they can play freely and not be told to be quiet.  This way each person is finding their own little magic spot in their home and feeling that beautiful connection for themselves.

What about your home itself? Is it connected to your surroundings?  Is there a common theme to your street such as picket fences, does your home fit in? How does your home feel?  Does it feel connected by having something in common to its neighbours.  Everything is connected with energy and these are simple ways to encourage beautiful connection energy within your home.

In classical feng shui we use a principle called the host and guest.  Everything is either a host or a guest.  The dining room is the host and the family are the guests – like every good host you want the guest to feel invited, included and valued.

Jan Leese, The Qi Consultant, Accredited Classical Feng Shui Master. 

Ph: 0405 188 064