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Feng Shui – Annual Energies

The annual energies visiting our homes and buildings are very strong this year for a few reasons.  The visiting stars, as we call them, all return home to their natural position on the bagua. The bagua is a simple foundational level of analysis.  Many people are familiar with bagua mirrors.  The picture shows the bagua; it has a yin yang symbol in the middle surrounded by trigrams in the 8 directions with north at the bottom, the same as my table below.

Each direction has many meanings for what is represented such as which family member, what body part, which season, which elements etc etc, and each of those directions has a star nominated to it that resides there.  In 2022 the visiting annual stars come back to their home palaces (directions) so they are very strongly supported.  The strongest visiting energy of all arrives in the centre, its home.

This powerful visiting energy relates to the Emperor, it is as if we all have our Boss taking his place in the centre of the homes.  From here he can control everywhere, indicating authority, control, order, discipline coming to our homes.  Energy has different sides, use it or it uses you, 2022 is a year to take control of our surroundings, our homes, it is a year to be strong.  We want to be respectful of this energy not have any noise such as renovations in the centre.  Remove any water features and fish tanks.  Ensure the central space is clean, tidy and quiet.  If it is your passageway, just keep it clean and tidy, don’t play drums there.  If it is your linen cupboard clean it out and keep it tidy.  If the centre is a busy place such as your kitchen try to keep the noise down and play classical piano music such as Mozart.

To know what to do where in your home, purely based on this one layer of visiting annual energy, get your compass (even on your phone) and stand in the middle of your home, it does not matter which way you face you just want to know what room is in which of the 8 sectors is.  If a room is in two sectors, take note of the recommendations for both.  The best ways to reduce the obstacle energy in the centre and the sickness energy in the Southwest (the two most important areas to help) is to remove fire colours such as red, purple, bright orange and remove any water features or fish tanks, also remove earthy ornaments such as crystals, terracotta pots etc.  Have some metal décor instead such as a brass singing bowl.

The table shows you what energy is where and in brackets shows what to do to harmonise this layer, reduce the negative, enhance the positive.  Spending time in the positive sectors is the best way to use the energy.  One more thing, do not face the Northeast for long periods of time or have the crown of your head pointed to the Northeast this year.

Jan Leese, The Qi Consultant, Accredited Classical Feng Shui Master. 

Ph: 0405 188 064