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Feng Shui – New Year 2022

2021 has flown by and it is time to think about preparing our homes for the new energies of 2022.  My favourite time of the year is just around the corner – Lunar New Year, and this article will show you how to prepare and enjoy this wonderful time of year.

Everyone rushes to celebrate Western Xmas and New Year. Once we reach 2nd January it is all over and a bit of a letdown. Often we are working right up until the days off for Xmas and then back at work in the beginning of January, already starting the new year with our hopes, goals and new year resolutions as just a past failed thought as there was no time to prepare and plan for the year. That is why Lunar New Year is the perfect time to start the year. You have time to prepare your home and set ourselves up for success!  Celebrating Lunar New Year gives us the perfect opportunity to start the year just right

2022, Year of the Water Tiger comes in with both a solar and a lunar new year.  We use the lunar New Year to celebrate and that is what we will talk about now.  Lunar New Year 2022 is on 1st February 2022.  The celebrations start the day before with Reunion Dinner, this is when families and good friends get together and share an abundant feast. That is the day that the celebrations begin for 15 days ending on the 15th February 2022.  To reap the benefit of the new abundant energies of the Water Tiger we need to start thinking of preparing now.

From now on, or in January, declutter as much as possible – whenever and whatever you can. I personally love the Kon Marie method but do whatever works for you.  Please do not get all stressed about this, whatever you declutter is better than nothing.  Take a good look in all your drawers – do you really need ALL those pens?  Look at your clothes – if they don’t make you feel fabulous let them go to a charity store for someone else to love them.  It is a great time to get out all the vitamins and the medicine bottles and dispose of correctly what is unused, give the pantry and fridge a very good clean out, get rid of the old food, declutter all the shopping bags etc.

Once you have decluttered it is time to start deep cleaning.  You want to have your house as clean as possible by the 28th January, so you and your house feel fresh, decluttered and clean ready for Reunion dinner on the 31st January and Lunar New Year on the 1st February – you want to welcome in the New Year energy with the feeling of achievement.  Give your home a good spring clean – defrost the freezer, organise now to have your carpets shampooed in January, clean your windows and tracks, give your front door a good clean, perhaps buy a nice new doormat.  Give the garden a tidy, whatever you can spruce up do so and don’t forget yourself.

Lunar New Year is celebrated wearing some nice new clothes and shoes if you can afford to buy them, get your hair cut late January so you are all ready before the 31st January.  It is a good idea to buy yourself a new wallet or purse too (only if you can afford to).  Going into the New Year with a feeling of abundance is very important so pay as many of your bills as you can before then and get your credit card paid off from now onwards.

The feeling of being organised for the year ahead with a mostly decluttered and clean house, bills paid, and new clothes is just fabulous.  Lunar New Year is all about socialising, having fun.  It is traditional to give red envelopes on 1st February, give them to children and you can give to others too, with a bit of money inside or other gifts.  Decorate your home with fresh flowers and some lanterns if you can.  Bowls of oranges make a lovely offering of abundance.

It is also common to stay up late the night of Reunion Dinner around midnight, to welcome in the new energies and the God of Wealth.  Open a window in the South East of your home to bring in the New Year’s wealth energy for 2022.  If possible, don’t work for a few days and really enjoy seeing others and being in your lovely clean home.

The celebrations goes on for 15 days but you don’t need to celebrate that long.  The last day, the 15th February 2022 is the Lantern Festival which is also the Chinese Valentines Day, so I think it is a lovely tradition to start with a family Reunion dinner on the 31st, enjoy Lunar new year seeing friends and family for a few days and then on the 15th day have a romantic dinner just for you and your partner.

The next magazine article will be about the new feng shui and astrology energies. There are many beautiful traditions you can look up and do follow me on facebook or instragram for more daily tips during that time.

Jan Leese, The Qi Consultant, Accredited Classical Feng Shui Master. 

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