Feng Shui

The heart relates to the eyes, blood pressure, our joy and much more.  Take a look at what is in the south of your home.  Of course, this is just one of the many layers in a professional analysis.  As south relates to fire it is generally a good place for a stove, the exact degree forms another layer however.

Moving on from the actual heart we can say the “heart of the home” metaphorically speaking, is generally in the centre.  This no longer refers to the heart chakra or heart problems mentioned above but is still connected.  This is the centre – an easy place to work out if the shape of the home is rectangular or square, but once it becomes irregular the true qi centre of the building is a little harder to find.  However, you will often find the family naturally gathers in this space, even if they tend to stand together with their morning cup of tea.  The heart of the home is very important in feng shui.  The centre actually relates to the earth element and just like the human body this is where the qi is generated from.  We all know that gut health is important to the body; it is the same in feng shui.

The heart, or centre or tai ji (the proper feng shui name for the centre) of the home is where the qi is generated from and then moves around the home – its qi size will depend on the size of the home but allow a metre or two.    By looking at your floorplan, (eliminating patios, verandas, carports, garages that don’t have an internal door to the home) find the centre.  Now you need to make sure that there isn’t a blockage.  What I mean by this is ensure it is open and free of any clutter.  If the centre is in a cupboard you need to ensure this cupboard is very sparsely and neatly organised. You need the qi to move freely around the centre, especially if it is in a cupboard.  Don’t have piles of shoes or let the centre be a dumping ground, keep it beautiful.  You want the qi to move freely around the rest of your home, inside and outside.

You can create a ‘heart of the home’ feeling in any space.  If you have a lovely lounge that no one uses it could be that you need to move your furniture in to make it a space that holds the qi.  What I mean by this is to bring your furniture together around a common item such as a rug and coffee table.  If you want the family to watch TV together, yes you need the people to be able to see the TV from the chair but don’t have all the chairs lined up like a cinema looking at the screen.  Gather them so they can talk to each other as well as turn their bodies to look at the TV.  Put the common item such as a coffee table in the centre, make it a welcoming space, and hold in the qi.  Definitely you don’t want the furniture spread out so that it encourages people to walk through the lounge to get from A to B, this disturbs the qi.  Bring it together but allow the qi to flow.

You can create a heart space anywhere in your home.  What is important is the sense of comfort, ease, nurturing, and contentment. Create a sense of place.   You can have your own heart space with just one chair in a space that catches the morning sun. If it is good for the heart it is good for the soul.

Enjoy creating your heart spaces, ensure the centre of the home is clear of any clutter and kept beautiful 😊.

Jan Leese, The Qi Consultant, Accredited Classical Feng Shui Master. 

Ph: 0405 188 064