Feng Shui

When we are inside looking out through dirty windows, we may see things unclearly, we may be confused, it can even depress us.  The house in this picture is even has an appropriately placed 3rd eye.

What about the mouth/door?  You want to ensure that it can open fully and never have clutter behind the door – imagine if you can’t open your mouth fully.  You would not be able to take a big bite of your meal.  That is the same for our homes – the qi needs to be able to enter the home without any obstacles.  The theme for this Connect Magazine is the throat.  The throat and mouth are represented by the West in feng shui, if your front door is in the west you may be involved in business related to the throat or mouth such as a restaurant, music, social media.

How about the outside of the door – it is important to identify that it is the main door.  You can do this with a nice door mat and perhaps a plant pot with a healthy-looking plant either side of the doors.  Just like you wipe your mouth clean, keep your door clean too.

Often in our North Queensland homes our windows are too big, especially if they go wall to ceiling.   The qi flows along the shiny tile floor and just slides out the windows and doors.  It is important to hold the new life sustaining qi in the house.  Imagine if we did not have a skin to hold us together – this is the same for the home.  We want to bring in the qi and hold it in.  The huge glass sliding doors that are quite common in new homes open right up as if there is no wall on that side of the room at all.  Whilst it is lovely to bring the outside in, we need to have some wall/solid glass to stop the inside going out!  We don’t want qi leakage.  If you have this problem, invest in some curtain rails and have pretend walls formed by the drawn curtains on at least part of the glass walls to hold some qi in.

When there are too many windows, specifically large windows the home can be too yang and not feel harmonious.  There can be arguments.  The home is meant to be yin – it is where we rest and recharge ourselves.  Likewise, a home that does not have enough windows or the windows are too small in relation to the home or room can make the home feel stuffy/stifled.  There is no qi flow.  The occupants may feel suppressed, lack vision and motivation.  If you can’t add more windows you can add some good lighting and mirrors to the space to reflect the light.  You can also ensure that what windows you do have are not covered up with blinds and windows.

We are now at the time of year when we need to start decluttering and spring cleaning.  I like to start decluttering now until after New Years Eve.  Then I get fully into the decluttering and spring cleaning ready for Lunar New Year – I pay particular attention to my doors and windows.  Lunar New Year falls on Friday 12th February.  Having your home decluttered and spring cleaned before the 10th is ideal.  Thursday 11th February is Lunar New Years Eve, the perfect night to have everyone around for dinner and celebrate.  There are plenty of ways to be ready for lunar New Year; if you follow my facebook page I will guide you through it from about mid January.  I wish you a very happy festive season 😊.

Jan Leese, The Qi Consultant, Accredited Classical Feng Shui Master. 

Ph: 0405 188 064