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Zoodle Poke Bowl – 2 servings


🌱2cup zucchini

🌱4tbsp grated carrots

🌱6~8 x whole cherry tomatoes

🌱3tbsp edamame beans

🌱2cups torn curly kale leaves

🌱2cups mushrooms

🌱2 Boiled Egg

🌱4strips Chicken Breast

🌱2tbsp wakame (as an option)

🌱1~2tbsp extra virgin olive oil to dry the ingredients (zucchini, kales, mushrooms, breast chicken)


Sauce (60ml) 

🌱1tsp miso paste

🌱1-2tsp tahini paste

🌱1tsp organic mayonnaise

🌱1-2tsp apple cider vinegar

🌱1clove garlic

🌱1tbsp ginger

🌱1 fresh chilli

🌱1tbsp extra virgin oil

🌱2tbsp water


Put all sauce ingredients into a blender and mix until it becomes a nice smoothie texture. Keep them in the fridge until serving.

As an option, Soak dried wakame in tepid water for 10-20 minutes to reconstitute and season with a dash of soy sauce, apple cider vinegar and toasted sesame oil.

Wash vegetables (zucchini, carrots, cherry tomatoes, & kales). Grate carrots and put them on the side. Cut or tear kales and fry them with olive oil. Then fry mushrooms, chicken breast separately and leave them on the side.

Lastly quick fry zucchini with extra virgin olive oil and season salt & pepper.

Place zucchini noodles first and decorate all ingredients on the top. Option to add basil and spring onion as garnish.

Pour the sauce and voila!


Matcha Green Tea Cake – 8 servings


🌱1 tsp organic matcha powder

🌱1 cup organic cashew nuts

🌱3 tbsp lemon juice

🌱2 tsbp local honey

🌱tsp vanilla essence

🌱2 tsp tahini paste (option; it gives more earthy taste)



🌱2 tsp organic matcha powder

🌱½tsp cinnamon powder

🌱½tsp nutmeg powder

🌱Pinch of salt

🌱1 tsp organic baking soda

🌱3 tsp organic stevia

🌱2 cup Almond flour

🌱4 large free-range eggs

🌱1 cup coconut cream or any nut milk

Preheat oven to 180C

Combine all dried ingredients, matcha powder, spices, almond flour, baking soda, salt until everything is well combined.

Put the dry mix into a bowl and add eggs and coconut cream or nut milk.

Combine well until there are no lumps

Pour the mix into a baking tin lined and bake for 35-40 minutes.

Boil water and soak cashew nuts for 30mins and rinse and dry them.

Mix all icing ingredients in the blender until well combined.

Once the cake cools down, pour icing over the cake and voila!


Mayumi Kojima, Pure Joy Naturopathy.