About Us

Connect Magazine North Queensland

Connect Magazine North Queensland is the only holistic magazine in the region. Connect is a magazine that focuses on the health and wellbeing of the community, exploring complimentary medicines and spirituality. We also feature special events in the CommUnity Calendar and a holistic A-ZEN Services Directory.

Connect Magazine has the support of a large and loyal readership over the 18 years it’s been publishing. Connect has established itself as a leading resource for locals and travellers alike and trusted advisor. Over the years surveys have shown that 80% of our readers are women with 80% of them being 35 years old and above.

Now a gloss quarterly publication, your advertisement will have an even longer shelf life . Our magazine connects you with those who are looking for health and wellness information, who are exploring their spirituality and care about our environment. Our advertising rates offer the best value to a targeted audience.

We currently distribute 3500 copies in more than 150 targeted outlets across FNQ – from Rockhampton in the south to Cooktown in the north. We intend on reaching 5000 copies by the end of 2022. For just a donation you can also download the magazine online. Connect is 100% locally owned and operated.

History of Connect Magazine

When Renee moved to Cairns in 1999, she quickly connected in with the Cairns Spiritual Centre. At the time, the organisation published a small A5 directory with information on local healers and spiritual events. However, by the early 2000s it became unsustainable for the organisation to continue with the publication.

With no prior publishing experience, Renee recognised the need to keep the spiritual community connected. Establishing Bee Universal Inc. as a not-for-profit and bringing together a committee of local thought leaders, in March 2004 the first edition of Connect Magazine was released.

It began as a monthly A5 mag with 500 copies and by 2005 it had grown into a larger format with 2000 copies each month. Over the next 10 years Connect grew thicker in pages as we prioritised content for profit and added more pages, to the current 64 pages and 3500 copies, so more information and inspiration could be shared with the community. In 2015 when Founder and Editor Renee Cashman experienced the tragic loss of her 14 year old son Paul, the magazine shifted from monthly to bi-monthly with 6 editions per year and renamed Connect Magazine North Queensland. Then in 2020 when Covid came and printers shut down Connect Magazine adapted into the quarterly gloss magazine you now see.

Connect Magazine has become the heart of the North Queensland healing community as the region’s only spiritual magazine.

Connect is far more than just a magazine bringing community together through special annual events, including the Health, Happiness & Harmony Expo and the Peace Day Festival to name just a couple. Connect Magazine has been the torch bearer of peace, health and harmony with over 30 Community Events often featuring the iconic Human Mandalas – human art piece for peace.

Inspiring community Connect Magazine also sponsores the Kindness Crew of FNQ spreading Random Acts of Kindness.

Connect Magazine spread your message even further through a live radio show and podcast, Connect in Harmony on Cairns FM 89.1 from 2015 to 2021.

Our Mission

To be the best local holistic magazine in FNQ spreading information and inspiration about health and wellbeing, spirituality, environment and the arts.

To be the most affordable media opportunity inprint, online, via live radio, podcasts and social media.

To holding special annual commUnity events that bring people together in peace and harmony.