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Edition #165

Welcome to this amazing 165th edition of Connect Magazine North Qld for June, July and August 2022. n this edition we look at LGBTQIA+. Some of these articles are from people on the front line so to speak, such as teenager Aeryn Gale in his article Intolerance In a Tolerant Society on pages 12 and 13. And emotional health coach, Ken Reid, shares in The Pain of Gay Lonileness on page 16. We’ve also got a great article from Buddhist Monk, Bhante Akāliko about Rainbodhi Buddhist Community on pages 24 and 25 and on pages 20 to 23 we highlight the beautiful Mission Beach region and sooo much more.

Hope you enjoy this edition.

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The local holistic magazine of FNQ

Herb - Fungi

Unless you’ve been asleep for the last few years, you’ve probably heard about the wonderful therapeutic effects of a number of Asian mushrooms. In particular: Reishi, Shiitake, Coriolus and Cordyceps have been shown to have powerful immune-enhancing activities, protecting humans from a wide range of diseases including viral infections and even some

Transferring Mastery

Lord Yama no Uchi of Tosa was making his annual trip to the capital to visit the Shogun. On this particular trip, the lord decided to have his tea master accompany him. This way Lord Yama no Uchi could not only enjoy the tea ceremony during his visit, but he would also be able to show off the tea master’s skill to the other high-ranking 

Astrology of Liberation

If we consider the expanding focus on ‘gender bending’ from an astrological perspective then, as with all other aspects of human experience, there is startling clarity and synchronicity between the planetary archetypes; their movement, and events here on Earth. As a simple explanation, one brilliantly explored by Richard Tarnas in his book 

Essential Oils - Sandalwood

The most precious of oils, Sandalwood oil is produced from mainly the heartwood of various species of sandalwood trees, mainly Santalum album (India) and Santalum spicatum (Australia). It is often cited as one of the most expensive woods in the world. Sandalwood plays an important role in many religions throughout the world, 

Crystal - Unakite

This crystal being green and heart chakra immediately speaks to me, and I recommend it often to people doubting their selves, their journey, or just feeling down in the dumps. It promotes feelings of self-worth, enabling you to accept yourself, and therefore love from others.  That old saying rings very true; “If you don’t love yourself…

Gardening - Patchouli

Growing to one metre, patchouli is a perennial herb with both medicinal and culinary uses. Plant out in full sun or part shade after propagating by seed, cuttings or root division. Not only is patchouli an attractive plant you can eat the leaves as seasoning in cooked foods or raw in salad. It’s nice to walk past and rub the flowers and enjoy the lovely scent.

Recipes for Autumn

Autumn has finally arrived in Far North Queensland and what a welcomed change it is! As a naturopath, I believe in eating seasonally. Why? Because our physical, mental and emotional elements also need to change throughout the seasons. For example, eating lots of raw foods and salads in colder seasons could be similar to wearing a bikini in winter. 

Feng Shui - Love

You know that ‘feeling’ you get when you are in harmony with another, when you are in LOVE and look into each other’s eyes/souls and nothing else exists?  Everything around you is in flow, magical, in sync.  That deep inner knowing you get it is just like nature, nothing is happening, but everything is getting done.  

Animal - Barramundi

Barramundi are a gender-fluid fish that populate coastal areas of the Indo-West Pacific region from the Persian Gulf to China, Taiwan, southern Japan, and southward to Papua New Guinea and northern Australia. Barramundi are strong swimmers who love their freedom and can travel over large distances while thriving in both fresh and salty waters. 

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