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Welcome to this wonderful Women’s edition of Connect Magazine North Qld for March, April and May 2022. This edition will speak to 80% of us who are women however for the other 20% of readers, there’s still plenty to read and enjoy, like Digital Health by Melusine Martin on page 22, and Embracing our Divinity by Kerrie Womersley on page 26. Some of these women’s articles may provide some insight to deepen your understanding of the woman in your life. We could all benefit from the article by Sexologist Ella Shannon on page 14 and 15, Having A Great Sex Life, highlighting five issues that commonly arise. Oh and sooo much more.

Hope you enjoy this edition.

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Herb - Shatavari

Shatavari can apparently be translated to mean “woman with 100 husbands”! This refers to its reputation to pacify vata (wind) and pitta (fire), and to increase kapha (the earth element). This could be considered the equivalent of being a Yin tonic, or a herb that enhances female energy. Asparagus Racemosa, or Shatavari is a powerful 

The Knife

There was a man in the city of Worms whose widowed mother died without leaving a will. Now he knew very well that she had been wealthy, and he searched everywhere in the house but he could not find where her fortune was hidden. The matter became an obsession to him. He searched through everything

Astrology - Venus

Women are capable of such great magnificence.  Venus rules the Goddess within. The sign of the zodiac in which Venus is placed will show what kind of Goddess you are.  Venus is soft and feminine but in the sign of Aries your Goddess will be assertive. Each sign brings a different manifestation to the Goddess nature which flows from within.

Essential Oils - Jatamansi

One of the very few essential oils that has a positive effect on all the entire human chakra system and balancing on all doshas (referred to as tridosha), this amazing earthy oil is a must in every basic essential oil kit.  Jatamansi (Jata means dreadlocks, and Mansi means human) is commonly found in parts of India, China and Tibet and is part of the valerian 

Crystal - Aquamarine

Colour can range from an intense blue, through the pastel shades to a light green, or a combination of both. It is relatively common, but in its highest grade/quality quite rare. Being one of the most powerful female empowerment crystals in the mineral kingdom, it is a talisman for good luck and

Gardening - Okra

A hardy annual and not to everyone’s taste – but it does do well here in the tropical heat. Plant out seeds in Spring/Summer and then pick the pods young to ensure tenderness. As the pods age they get fibrous. Be sure to leave a few pods on to save seed for next year. The pods are quite mucilaginous if you add to any dish with 


Matcha green tea is not only offering us great health benefits; there is a long history behind it as well as some philosophies that can teach us life lessons.  Green tea is rich in polyphenols (catechins) and they are great for reducing inflammation. Green tea also contains an amino acid called “L-theanine” and it helps to reduce anxiety. 

Feng Shui - Energies

The annual energies visiting our homes and buildings are very strong this year for a few reasons.  The visiting stars, as we call them, all return home to their natural position on the bagua. The bagua is a simple foundational level of analysis.  Many people are familiar with bagua mirrors.

Animal - Elephant

Elephants are the largest living land animals and play a central role in sustaining their local environments. As herbivorous creatures, Elephants live comfortably in a range of landscapes but always stay close to a good source of water which nurtures the plants on which they depend. Elephants have a powerful influence on the earth through their daily habits. 

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