Dec 2022 / Jan & Feb 2023

Edition #167

Welcome to the 167th edition of Connect Magazine North Qld for December 2022 and January/February 2023 with the theme of Children. Our Development as Children by Jo Mojo discusses those important first seven years of childhood on page 11.
I really enjoyed A Note to My 13-year-old self, by Lauren Joy Wilson on pages 16 and 17. What a great exercise to do!
Flower Mandalas and Earth Altars by Holli Scius on page 18 shares a glimpse into the healing art of flower mandalas, an activity we all can enjoy with what nature provides for us.
This edition the therapy feature we delve into is EMDR by Ella Shannon on pages 26 and 27.

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Herb - Chamomile

One of the oldest and well known medicinal plants used in Western Herbal Medicine traditions, and one of the most versatile for children’s health complaints. Matricaria recutita and Chamaemelum Nobile, German and Roman Chamomile respectively, are the two most commonly used forms of the distinct and sweet flower that we know as Chamomile tea.

Lung-Shu's Strange Illness

One day Lung-shu was chatting to his friend who claimed he was especially adept at curing strange illnesses. Lung-shu found this hard to believe, so he challenged his friend. “I have a strange illness. If you can cure me, then I’ll agree that you’re the best doctor around.”

Astrology and Children

Well! The first question this astrologer found himself asking when addressing the theme Children was, where is the relevance here? Do the rapidly evolving children care at all about the history, rules, past predictions and conclusions of Astrology? No, not really.

Essential Oils - Mandarin

Mandarin is a delicious and versatile easy to work with essential oil that should be in every budding aroma hobbyist’s kit (and every professional’s kit too!).   An excellent choice for children, the fragile and the elderly, mandarin is a very safe oil to use for all the family (when used correctly). Mandarin is sometimes referred to as “The Children’s

Crystal - Rhodochrosite

Children are often attracted to Rose Quartz and Amethyst as their first crystals, and Tiger Eye is a great tool to enhance their self-esteem & courage, but I think Love is the core of everything, and Rhodochrosite is the next level in a Heart Chakra stone.

Gardening - Perilla

Perilla is a survivor in our harsh tropical climate. A hardy annual (you may well recognise as a weed) it self seeds readily and adds a lovely purple splash to the herb garden. The leaves are used in Japanese cooking. There are also a variety of medicinal uses for this herb.

Recipes for Everyone

I would like to introduce three recipes which do not require many ingredients. They are hit with kids and most importantly, they are delicious!  They can be in their lunch box during school days or used for special occasions such as Christmas, which is just around the corner. I aimed for gluten and dairy free for all three recipes and also refined sugar-free.

Preparing for 2023

In the Chinese calendar we have two new years, solar and lunar and they are for different reasons. It is now time to prepare for the Year of the Water Rabbit, which is the yearly energy for 2023. The next Lunar New Year is on Sunday 22nd January 2023.

Animal - Duckling

The image of a row of Ducklings waddling after the mother duck is a powerful symbol that demonstrates the importance of family in shaping who we become. When we are children, we learn about the world through the eyes of our elders and siblings while weaving their

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