March, April & May 2021

Edition #160

Welcome to the Third Eye Chakra edition. This edition is focused on deepening your connection with your brow chakra and there’s many article inside this edition to assist you, such as Befriending Your Higher Self by Kerrie Womersley and the fabulous regular contributions on Chakras and Relationships by Ella Shannon , and Chakras and Emotions by Jo Wooler. We feature a great article Crystal Grids by the lovely Wendy and Clive and an insightful feature on the Chinese New Year of the Golden Ox by Accredited Feng Shui Master Jan Leese. And so much more….

May this edition bring clarity, clear perceptions and truth.

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The local holistic magazine of FNQ

Herb Feature - Bilberry

Eyes are beautiful, mysterious and complex, and they are one of the most expressive and communicative features that we humans have. Unfortunately many things can go wrong with them: : from the destruction of the retinal cells, to the damaging effects of glaucoma.

Siddha Stories - The Holy Man

Akbar liked everything to look perfect. ‘The palace gardens and the public halls should always be neat and clean so that they make a good impression on visitors,’ he said. One day, as he was walking around the palace inspecting his land
with pride, he saw a man taking

Living Astrology

Ok let’s hit the highlights….so much is happening that is being revealed by the movement of the planets and stars at this time we’ll just have to try and find the most potent points and see what they might portend for us here on planet Earth. A Mercury conjunct Jupiter in Aquarius kick-starts the month.

Essential Oils - Third Eye

Essential oils embody the frequencies and healing properties of plants. These frequencies and properties work on all levels of being. Third eye chakra essential oils can balance and open the sixth chakra for clarity of thought, clear seeing, and spiritual insight.

Crystal Feature - Charoite

Charoite enhances intuition, deepens meditation and brings relaxation as the mind lets go and allows the inner knowing to take charge.  It operates as a power increaser, so is perfect in chakra alignment. Charoite belongs to the Silica family and is found only in Russia, it is relatively rare. 

Gardening - Lemon Myrtle

A tree that can grow over 20 metres in the rainforest we’re hoping to keep ours small. We’re interested in the therapeutic qualities of this plant. If you suffer cramps – this plant is for you. Lemon myrtle leaves can be used in cooking. Propagation is by cuttings or seed.

Recipes for Mental Health

As we celebrate the Third Eye Chakra Ajna, we are focusing on food for mental health. Typically, when we talk about food that’s good for this area, we are looking at “brain” food: healthy fats, anti oxidants and anti-inflammatories , but I want to talk about neurotransmitters.

Feng Shui - 2021 Annual Energies

In February each year one layer of unseen energy changes in our homes/ businesses/ spaces.  We will look at what they are this year until February 2022 so that you can make the most of your home or workspace and avoid the energy that does not serve you.

Animal - Owl

Owls are found in nearly all parts of the world and have been admired by many cultures. As nocturnal birds of prey, Owls have exceptional vision at night and because of this trait they have been associated with mysticism and magic. Owl’s ability to see in the dark makes her a powerful ally.

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