Dec 2023 Jan-Feb 2024

Edition #171

Welcome to the 171st edition of Connect Magazine North Qld for Dec 2023, Jan and Feb 2024 with the theme of Common Ground.

Food is definitely a common ground we all share and on page 9 we feature an inspiring article by Chris Gloor, Collaborative Resilient Community. On page 12 and 13 local Counsellor Lucy Bizot writes Common Ground and Relationships. This edition we feature a special Study Guide – Courses 2024 on page 20 and 21. We hope these fantastic courses inspire you in the New Year. And if you’re concerned about study, local coach Sophie Anderson shares some great tips with Study Success on page 19 and much more….

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The local holistic magazine of FNQ


This time of the year can be hard on your liver: alcohol, processed foods, late nights, lack of physical activity, the list goes on. But even if you are consistently health conscious and mostly avoid rubbish foods, drugs and alcohol, your liver is still under constant pressure to detoxify 


Mulla Nasrudin was walking along a lonely road one moonlit night when he heard a snore, somewhere, it seemed, underfoot. Suddenly he was afraid, and was about to run when he tripped over a dervish lying in a cell which he had dug for himself, partly underground.

Astrology - Dec, Jan, Feb

We share the same Sun and planetary influences; we share the same Earth; Sky, Land and Oceans and Human Genetics.  Yes, we do indeed live on common ground. With the Aquarian frequencies pouring in now, individuals we may be, but we are all parts of the whole, the holographic Universe.  


Spearmint is one of those essential oils that people generally don’t know what to do with so tend not to experiment with it.  A popular flavour in toothpaste and lollies, it is similar to peppermint, but less powerful due to the lower menthol content.


Mookaite is only found in WA (the Kennedy Ranges near Gascoyne) making it quite rare in the rest of the world, but relatively common in Australia. Being of “our land” it seems to works really well with our bodies, help us find that “Common Ground” within. It’s name means “flowing water” 

Gardening - Pigeon Pea

A legume, wood shrub or small tree, 1-4m tall with a deep taproot to 2m. Young stems are angled and pubescent. Flowers are usually yellow and purple with red streaks or plain red. Seeds are oval to round and vary from light beige to dark brown. 

Vegan Recipes

As we are tapping into the theme of, Common Ground in this edition, I would love to share the following recipe for cultural collaboration. This beautiful dessert is nice and refreshing on a hot summer’s day. They can be a great companion for other types of desserts for everyone! 

Feng Shui

The theme for this magazine is common ground.  I wondered what to write about this very powerful yet unassuming word, furthermore, writing from a feng shui perspective gave me some challenges. Here’s the thing, in our everyday life finding the common ground helps us humans realise we are

Animal - Scarab

Scarabs are a family of beetles that are found in every land across the world except Antarctica. Although it can be tempting to dismiss such a familiar creature, if we look closely at the Scarabs in our backyard, we will discover they are anything but mundane!



Kindness crew of FNQ

Spread kindness throughout the community in a variety of fun and unique ways.