Sept-Oct-Nov 2023

Edition #170

Welcome to the 170th edition of Connect Magazine North Queensland for September, October and November 2023 with the theme of Resonance.

Timed to coincide with the Sound Healing Symposium in October this edition explores different aspects of Sound Healing, looking at The Science of Cymatics, The Joy In Music, and International author and lecturer Jain 108 shares a look at 432 Hertz Speaks Directly to our Cells. As well as our awesome Regular Features, CommUnity Calendar, Holistic Directory and more…. 

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Resonance of Herbs

What is resonance? And what could it possibly have to do with herbal medicine? Today we’re going to explore this strange occurrence that happens constantly in nature through sounds, emotions and other forms of energy. Resonance has many definitions: “the sound or other vibration produced in an object by sound or vibrations

The Sieve

A group of devotees invites a master of meditation to the house of one of them to give them instruction. He told them that they must strive to acquire freedom from strong reactions to the events of daily life, an attitude of habitual reverence, and the regular practice of a method of meditation which he explained in detail. 

Astrology - Sept, Oct, Nov

Resonance is a wonderful way to define astrology! Frequencies meeting; reverberating; merging with and amplifying or bouncing off each other as sound waves; light waves and higher octave waves infinitely creating patterns and effects; strengthening; deepening or neutralizing each other. 

Resonance of Oils

Albert Einstein said it best when he said, “Everything is energy!” It’s true, we literally live in a sea of vibration! Colour, sound, smell and taste all are represented by bands of frequency. All our senses (except smell) receive sensory data from the environment which is transferred through the nervous system to the brain

Herkimer Diamond

If I need whatever crystal I am wearing to resonate at a higher frequency, I always pair it with a Herkimer Diamond. Many days it won’t let me leave the house without it. It seems to know when I’m going to have a challenging day and insists on coming. Herkimer Quartz “Diamonds” are the high energy seekers

Gardening - Mushroom

Perennial clumping bush, up to 1m, with glossy ovate-shaped dark green leaves. Some leaves get yellow stripes along the veins of the leaves, commonly in the sun. Has small bright blue lip-like flowers 1cm long. Enrich the soil with compost to improve yields. Valued for its blood-building and cleansing properties.

Vegan Recipes

As we explore the theme of Resonance this edition, we invite you to consider the positive vibration that comes from the food we consume. By choosing seasonal ingredients, we can enjoy the full benefits of their nutrient-dense, flavourful, and colourful properties. When we consume foods that thrive in the current climate, 

Feng Shui - House Hunting?

Resonance shows how our own vibration affects our lives including Feng Shui. I believe the frequency we vibrate out at the time of looking for a home, attracts the home to us (just like anything in life). When people are in bad feng shui and start looking for a new home, they send me their options 

Animal - Hummingbird

Although small in size, Hummingbirds are impressive aerialists with strong wings to empower their agile manoeuvres and long-distance flights. In this way, Hummingbird encourages us to spread our wings and widen our horizons, trusting the power of our body’s instinctual knowing to navigate 




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