Sept - Oct - Nov 2020

Edition #158

Welcome to the Heart Chakra edition for September, October and November 2020. This edition sees yet another new beginning for Connect Magazine North Queensland as we shift into a gloss quarterly magazine. It’s pretty exciting and this edition is jam packed full of information for a happy and healthy heart.

May this edition empower you to keep your heart open.

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The local holistic magazine of FNQ

Herb Feature - Hawthorn

Have you ever wondered if there was anything you can do to really look after your heart? Your heart is an absolutely incredible organ:  It pumps blood around your entire body from before you are born, for potentially 80 to 100 years or more!

Siddha Stories

There once was a man who lived a life of kindness and generosity.   He looked upon every bit of his fortune as a gift from God and shared with all who were in need. So good was his life that when he died, it was decreed in heaven that each of his sons should receive the one wish of his heart as a reward for his father’s kindness.

Living Astrology

This is truly an amazing time to be following the star and planetary alignments. It makes all the hard work worthwhile for an astrologer. We are seeing synchronicities, alignments and patterns that reflect so perfectly the events occurring on planet Earth and in our personal lives

Essential Oils - Heart

Essential oils embody the frequencies and healing properties of plants. These frequencies and properties work on all levels of being. Heart chakra essential oils can be used to awaken love, compassion and kindness towards oneself and others.

Crystal - Serephinite

Seraphinite is a powerful crystal promoting living from the heart, which brings all elements of the non-physical body into alignment along the “I Am” column of the spinal cord creating a flush of pure energy into the heart.  It is a strong overall healer, especially helpful with all forms of cancer and facilitates self-healing. 

Gardening - Jobs Tears

A medicinal clumping grass with attractive flowers and seeds this plant is an easy one to grow here in Cairns. Isabell Shippard (www.HerbsareSpecial) says it grows to a metre but while I’ve never seen anything like that, it survives well enough through both the wet and the dry.

Recipes - Pomegranate

As we come into spring and our beautiful warm weather in Far North Queensland, we are celebrating the heart chakra and all things heart and health. And what better ingredient to highlight this edition than the pomegranate! Bursting with flavour and health benefits!

Feng Shui

The heart chakra is found right by our hearts.  The human heart in feng shui relates to the fire element, the south and the middle daughter – therefore ensuring that the south of your home does not have any obstacles such as broken water pipes is important – you don’t want to put water on the fire so to speak.

Animal - Lion

Lions are the most social of all the big cats and live together in large family groups, although occasionally a Lion may follow her own path and become a solitary wanderer. Lion can teach us the value of finding our tribe by surrounding ourselves with others with shared values.

Arts North Queensland magazine

Arts NQ Magazine

Connect Magazine North Queensland is excited to announce the incorporation of a NEW Arts North Queensland magazine.


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