Siddha Story

Lung-Shu’s Strange Illness 

One day Lung-shu was chatting to his friend who claimed he was especially adept at curing strange illnesses. Lung-shu found this hard to believe, so he
challenged his friend. “I have a strange illness. If you can cure me, then I’ll agree that you’re the best doctor around.”
His friend did not seem flustered. “Tell me about your illness,” he said.

“Now listen carefully,” said Lung-shu. “This is my illness. When I am praised by others, I do not feel pride. When others speak badly about me, I do not
feel disgraced. When I gain something, I am not happy. When I lose, I am not sad. Life and death, riches and poverty, fortune and misfortune are the same to me. As a matter of fact, I can see people as pigs and see myself as other people. When I’m at home, I feel I am wandering around. When I’m in my country, I feel like I am among foreigners. Since I got this strange illness, I have lost all interest in becoming rich or famous. I don’t care about titles, land, and renown. I don’t think much about rules and regulations. The rise and fall of government and politicians are not my concern, and I am not affected by the emotions of people around me. Because of this illness I can no longer serve my country, manage my business, or become the head of my family. How are you able to help me?”

The doctor told Lung-shu to stand with his back to the sun. Facing the light, he examined Lung-shu from a distance and looked him up and down carefully. Presently he said, “Ah, I can see that your heart is empty and you are close to being a sage. Six out of seven cavities in your heart are completely open. However, one of them is still shut. This blockage is probably the cause of your illness. If indeed your illness is seeing wisdom as a strange disease, then my skills are inadequate to cure you.”

Lung-shu had gotten rid of all attachments except one. He still retained a conception of what it means to be enlightened. Comparing enlightenment to a strange illness, Lung-shu made it mysterious, extraordinary, and unnatural. Enlightenment is a very normal experience, attainable by everyone.
Therefore, there is nothing mysterious or secretive about it. There is nothing unnatural about it, either, because it follows the natural way of things.

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