Astrology for Sept, Oct, Nov 2023

Resonance is a wonderful way to define astrology! Frequencies meeting; reverberating; merging with and amplifying or bouncing off each other as sound waves; light waves and higher octave waves infinitely creating patterns and effects; strengthening; deepening or neutralizing each other. If we choose to define the components of astrology – planets, zodiac signs, houses, galactic stars, aspect patterns, etc, we can easily see that they all resonate specific frequencies. Imaging now those energy waves flowing out, expanding, merging or colliding and the emergent frequencies then identified as events, characteristics, entities, thoughts and so on. Then we have that reality which we identify through astrology. All functions of resonance with their own individual resonant frequency and that, in fact, is our Universe creation in all its dimensions – living, pulsating, harmonizing or destroying through their amplifying or negating the energy of each wave. Fascinating and yet quite beautiful. We could even say that God is resonance; cause and effect are a function of resonant harmony or disharmony and that, astrology has always claimed. All is Resonance. And time as a further dimension is essential to the mix on which astrology depends to create that static moment which defines an event. Frequencies and their resonant relationships freeze and we have a picture of that moment in time and space. Then, of course, it all moves on and the multiple resonances reverberate.


September begins as we emerge from the Pisces full moon. With the Virgo sun and the Pisces moon, this is probably the moon that most aligns us with the sacred; the spiritual. The purification and healing rays of sun and moon beaming in from the opposite sides of the solar system. Water and earth merge to create a most fertile environment in which to plant our seeds of intent. Then, as the moon moves into its disseminating phase 3 days later and into Taurus – the soil is very fertile indeed and our seeds really take root. Jupiter makes a station in alignment with the Taurus moon on 5th September and growth could become exponential and the opportunities for expansion and good fortune are there to activate. A great time for sharing ideas, plans and resources with like minded people. The Spring Equinox, as the Sun aligns with the Equator and moves into Libra on 23rd September is one of those moments of pose, balance and decision making that will define the journey over the following year. Think well, choose wisely and as the moon moves towards full in Aries at the end of the month with Mercury; Venus; Mars and Uranus all forming aspect alignments now is the time to jump into action!


October sees the next eclipse season: an eclipse of the Sun at 21o Libra on 15th October and an eclipse of the moon at 5o Taurus on 29th. If these degrees resonate with points in your own birth chart, then you are in for a beautiful few months to follow. Libra and Taurus both ruled by Venus grow lovely flowers, relationships and just joy of life. Lucky you!! Mars into Scorpio on 12th October brings intensity, passion and obsession to the boil and as the moon trines Pluto also on the 12th, emotions run high; passions explode and, well, as we go into the magical darks of the moon and solar eclipse this is a time of great intensity. Direct your passion toward rebirth and regeneration and you will be amazed at the outcomes. Pluto is moving forward again, squaring the Sun on 21st October. Super powers collide; bounce off each other and regenerate in combat. Watch for it personally and globally.


November begins with Saturn turning directly at 0o Pisces with Venus in opposition to Neptune. Practical compassion and deep symbolic artistic expression are manifest with an emphasis on the practical. Movies, articles, artwork and graffiti with real impact and messages aimed at Society’s conscience and practical acts of service and compassion burst forth. As the creative fire energy builds up, Sun, moon, Mercury, moon’s node and finally Mars, all in fire signs, take heed, and take care, that is a lot of fire. Mars aligning with Pluto on 22nd November as Sun moves into Sagittarius has danger signs all over it! Tempers flare; feuds erupt; fires ignite and exaggerated grabs for power are building. The full moon in Gemini on 27th November is a flashpoint as air meets fire, but it’s a great night for a party! Ride the currents …….

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