Astrology and Children

Well! The first question this astrologer found himself asking when addressing the theme Children was, where is the relevance here? Do the rapidly evolving children care at all about the history, rules, past predictions and conclusions of Astrology? No, not really.  Does it benefit parents, teachers, mentors and (shudder) role models that supposedly influence children? Not that I have noticed.  Does it provide astrologers themselves with an enhanced sense of purpose and useful insights into the potentials and likely paths of the children’s lives?  Ego and supposed omniscience are dangers here. Let’s back off. Do/should we impregnate children with a sense of fatalism and pre-ordained pathways? Certainly not.

So, what are we left with, and the only answer is what has always been the only real truth – the magic!!

If the children can naturally stay attuned to the incredible magic of existence – vast galaxies, dimensions, black holes, quantum mysteries, pure consciousness, myths, gods and the pulse of life, then we can weave astrological patterns through this vast Universe and maybe even make some assumptions based on our presumed astrological wisdom that are useful.

We can safely assume that the more recently incarnated souls and those to come are probably closer to the Source than we adults and be wary of imposing sets of rules and patterns.  What they have to teach or reveal to us is more relevant and we can throw a lot of old Astro speak out the window and most definitely not sit in any judgement.  But spontaneous questions such as “Well you were born with the Sun in Gemini in your 3rd house and today Mars is crossing over that point, what do you think that might mean for you?” (Any practiced astrologer could wrap that one up easily.) What might it be suggesting to, say, an 8-year-old child?  The response would be most enlightening.  In other words, looking at a young birth chart and laying out a possible life path is probably intrusive and presumptuous, and I am throwing out lifetimes of acquired astrological wisdom here. Equality of interaction is most likely to glean valuable truths from a young birth chart. Sticking to astrological basics and letting mutual intuitions roll can bring some surprising rewards. But please, not the old “Well, your child was born with the Sun in Libra with a trine to Venus in Aquarius, so her creative, artistic abilities will be unique; not at all conventional, and her love relationships will bring some very attractive weirdos into her life.”  Really?  What paths are you laying down here? And so on.  Round and round the birth chart we go – then transits and progressions define the pathway, and the child is thus influenced and, have no doubt, the magical layers of consciousness are working busily through synchronicities and beliefs to confirm the Astro analyses and create “realities”.

My own children take very little notice of the astrological synchronicities pointed out to them by their astrologer Dad and I am happy to go with that.  They lead full multi layered lives and if one happens to have a really savage transit or progression coming up, we can watch it unfold and see just how they deal with it, offering what support might be useful. Never “Oh you’ve got a Saturn square Pluto next week.  Watch out for…….” NO!

If children can see and accept that they are an integral part of this infinite Universe and enjoy seeing life unfold with some reference to planetary and star alignments, well good – a valid tool for classifying reality.  But the real fun is in the magic and that can be fully encouraged by using the birth chart and ephemeris as one more way of being a player in the great game.

So, do I recommend calculating birth charts and systems of Astro interaction? Yes, certainly.  Who knows what the children have yet to teach us?  Maybe that is the real magic with mutual benefit to all of us. But astrologers, of course, have an addiction to prediction and, for the children, predictions have a real magical quality.  We can dance with this, but, as a student of the occult and esoteric for nearly fifty  years, it is clear to me that as we evoke the possible, there are dimensions, quantum and divine, which will be activated. Powerful stuff.  Let the children explore their own truths and perceptions.

Now here is a thing – for this first time in some 250 years, the outer planet Pluto is moving into Aquarius where it will be operating for the next 20 years – as the Earth is also entering the 2,500 year age of Aquarius –  equinoctial point aligned with the constellation of Aquarius, leaving behind Piscean and Capricornian dogmatism and control.  Enter the iconoclasts!  The children who will joyfully manifest all the Aquarian frequencies – unique, independent, truth seeking and clearly embracing the “whole” the inter-connectedness of all things.  The water bearers channelling the rivers of life and truth in a way that is, in itself, unique.  This is a new breed, aligned to truths, visions and unity in ways, as yet, unknown to us.  Aquarius “rules” astrology so we can hope the wisdom of the star and planetary cycles will have a place of honour in the understanding of the coming generations.

The 2036 blue moon set of Solar and Lunar eclipses covering the full Leo-Aquarius axis and Moon’s nodal line – July-August 2036 will see today’s children assuming maturity and leadership roles and those born from now going through their teenage years.  Fascinating, revolutionary and so evolved we can only watch in wonder as it approaches and reflect on the beautiful words of the 60’s C.S.N.Y. song “Treat your children well……and…..teach your parents well”.  Look to the sky, we still have much to learn, and the enlightened ones are returning.


Rob Hart   


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