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The concept of freedom is a wonderful thing, just the mention of it makes our hearts skip a beat and we get a little excited.  Freedom means different things to different people so it is a good idea to review your concept of freedom on a regular basis.  You can do this by writing “freedom” on a piece of paper and jotting down what you think it means and then what kind of freedom you would like.  Once you have identified what you desire just let it go and let magic do its job.

If you are looking for an astrological clue to freedom then Uranus is your planet.  Uranus in your chart will show where you most want freedom and where you may need to attend to something in order to remove obstacles which stand in your way.  Astrology shows the cause of things, the reason for them as well as the solution.  If you are seeking freedom in an area of life and not getting it then you might need to get acquainted with Natal Uranus and its effects in your life. If you find yourself in the midst of change not of your making, embrace it with the hope for a new and interesting chapter in life.

Astro Calendar

4 December 2021 at 5.42 pm – Solar Eclipse in Cairns at 12 Sagittarius.  Eclipses “shine light on” certain areas of life for a period of six months.  Wherever the eclipse lands in your chart shows your personal mission for this period.  For Cairns and in general this eclipse shows the need for positive interpersonal relationships.  For individuals this means loved ones but for Cairns and surrounds it will be about how well we get on with people not from here.  No points for guessing we will have many visitors and they will be pleased to be here. Focus on the positive and count your blessings, it will be much easier to do this during this period.  Rather than being against something find positive way to offer support.

24 December 2021. Talking of freedom Uranus has been challenged by Saturn for most of the year.  Uranus – freedom and change. Saturn – limitations, restrictions, boundaries and lessons. It’s been a rough ride for many people around the globe and we have all seen evidence of humans railing against the system.  Prior to this Saturn (limitations, restrictions) and Pluto (upheaval, transformation) had a challenge going on in December 2019/January 2020 which started all this mess and it was obvious to most astrologers that this was going to be “beyond anyone’s control” especially for those in authority.

The good news is that the influence of Saturn square to Uranus, which seem to have held everyone captive since February 2021, will make its final, transitory pass on the 24 December this year.  Woohoo.  This marks the beginning of the end and we are already seeing the final threads of our freedom being limited but it will be followed by greater freedom next year as Saturn moves on and Uranus gets on with the business of change and freedom.

Planetary transits, whether personal or generational, bring challenges which facilitate change and growth.  As humans we may not like being “forced” into situations.  Those in tune with themselves and going with the flow adopt a wait and see attitude and take advantage of new opportunities.  Reflect upon your response to life these last two years.  What did you learn in the last two years and did anything change within you?

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