Astrology from May 2024 to May 2025

May 2024 follows the full moon in Scorpio “the moon of enlightenment”. Not a bad start and as good a theme for the year as we could ask for – and a really outstanding beginning with Mars crossing the equinoctial starting point of the zodiac: zero degrees Aries and with Mars ruling Aries that is a clear, unequivocal call to action. With the Sun, Venus and Jupiter, our brightest celestial bodies, all dancing in Gemini during May it is also a very bright beginning with an emphasis on dance, play and youthful fun – therein is the true wisdom. So, as Pink Floyd sang “set your controls to the heart of the Sun” – love, truth and courage to light the way. Jupiter, Sun and Venus all rising and setting together, followed by Mercury. You will feel this rising of the light vibrations and surges of optimism. They will also be trine to Aquarian Pluto at the same time and that really punches it along – unstoppable. Take that as the birth chart of the coming year and plan accordingly. We are off and away!

June, while still following the theme of have fun, is highlighted by a very gnarly square between Mars going into Taurus “bullheaded” if you like, and Pluto at the beginning of Aquarius – blasting a pathway into the awakening realization “Hey, we’re all in this together” beginning a 2,500 year cycle in true Aquarian fashion – unique, yet united – such a paradox. Mars-Pluto is explosive; aggressive “take no prisoners” kind of dramatic action – go with it but, remember, try to have fun.

A flying overview of July and August – the time of the Lion; the time to roar! – get all your talents, creativity and resources together. Announce your intentions as some of your best work is coming up. Mars and Jupiter the winners – dancing together in Gemini with a wonderful Venus and Saturn alignment.  Beautiful, practical, long lasting, reaching for perfection as the Virgo vibe glides in late August.

Picking up the pace in September and October with a Lunar eclipse on 18th September and the Sun into Libra on 23rd – Venus flying through Sagittarius and Mars doing some serious homework in Cancer beautifying the home and domestic vibe is a special now – or travel back to where the heart is… The Libran Solar eclipse on 3rd October smooths out the path beautifully and with Scorpio gearing up, there is a real love buzz rising. Intensity is certainly not out of place now. Venus aligns with galactic centre; the Source; the black hole sucking it in and pouring it out there in the deep centre. Breathe it in and let it out and you will be synchronized with the Source. Jupiter even pauses, mid October, in Gemini and in that still silent moment wisdom pours in.  Try it now.

We will see 2024 out with the Lion roaring; Mars in Leo, the Sun aligning with the great central Sun, our galactic centre. A Pluto-Sun friendly connection – both at zero degrees – the Sun zero degrees Sagittarius and Pluto zero degrees Aquarius – very progressive and optimistic on 22nd November. That is 22-11 of course, master numbers and the year going out on a Capricorn new moon. Sun and moon at 10 degrees Capricorn – very earthy and positive indication of Governments “coming together” with some wise, practical decisions. So………keep dancing into 2025.

Here we go. Sun aligns exactly with Pluto at zero degrees Aquarius and Mercury joining them through January exciting progress on inner and outer levels with clear communication channels open. Again the big theme “we are all in this together” and quickly through to May 2025. Planets compressing; sacrifice; compassion; communication and earthy, practical nurturing is pulling them together into a tight arc. Sun and moon eclipses in April “getting the journey on track, innovations that cleanse and heal” and Neptune completing a 160 year zodiac journey and crossing the zero degrees Aries equinoctial point March/April. A gentle realigning of compassionate priorities. Gemini is again very prominent, so the dance goes on.

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