Living Astrology

One example: August began with Mercury, the messenger, forming an exact 180degrees opposition to Pluto, Moon, Jupiter and Saturn. Are we being herded? You bet we are!

All the planets, Sun and Moon have been ‘contained’ in the 180 degrees ‘bowl’ or hemisphere. The zodiac circle forming a perfect yin- yang pattern between the cardinal signs of Cancer and Capricorn. The birth of a new Earth: a new era and a re-establishing of foundations and forms of governance as we experience the reality of the beginning of the ‘Aquarian Age’.  Yes, really. This time it has begun!

Mercury, the messenger, is now pointing out that the Sun, our life source has merged, and full of fire, from the ‘bowl’ and in its rulership in Leo is really shining. Mars in rulership in Aries adds to the fire and is the ideal back-up as we stand ready to fight for the light with the messenger making a lightning-fast trip through Leo. Mercury from go to whoa through Leo in fifteen days: twice it’s ‘normal’ speed so that it, and the Sun arrive in Virgo together on 22nd August. Out of the furnace and into the mould to be worked to perfection as we forge our new world. And the Earth itself is very malleable at this time: Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Pluto all in Earth signs and Neptune in Pisces creating the clay-mix out of which we are re-creating. The ‘herd’ becomes the structure.

Full Moon shine on 4th August as the Aquarian full Moon reflects the Leo Sun. You think full Moons are a weird time? Well this one is really a one-of-a-kind experience. Wonderful for were-wolves and other shape-changers, but beware, as your Mother told you, “If you make that face it will stay there.” Whatever you may morph into on this Moon becomes a permanent feature of who you are. Aquarian energy is life that: fixed air you see.

Most of the planets are retrograde, appearing to move backwards again the backdrop of the galactic stars. From Jupiter out of Pluto: six planets retracing their past. In simple astrological interpretation that’s payback time-balancing negative karma and repaying what is owed. So that knock you hear on the door is probably the cosmic debt collector. Just pay up and be grateful – there are some beautiful karmic healing energies flowing as Virgo is activated. This healing process is also going on with planet Earth right now. We can assist with that too…

September sees Mars and Jupiter crossing the past-future time line as Mars now goes retrograde and Jupiter turns and goes forward again. “Howdy neighbour!” The outer planetary mob still all back-tracking so there’s still time to repay and rebalance. Mars backing through Aries though is not gentle. No…. “Come on,” he calls. “Clean up your act while there’s still time.” But with Mercury gliding through Libra from 6th – 27th September there will be plenty of opportunities to re-balance and get back on track.

Venus in Leo and Sun in Virgo is a brilliant combination and cooperation of vibrant, creative, artistic and loving potentials for those who seek those paths. And the Sun-Neptune complementary aspect from Virgo to Pisces on 12th September has deep, beautiful, sacred revelations written all over it. As van said “into the mystic”

And the Equinox: the day the Sun aligns exactly with the equator – a moment of perfect balance, when whatever you do or say or think will shift the balance point. The exact moment is 23:32, or 11.32 PM (a perfect palindrome in 24 hour notation!) on 22nd September. Truly a night for dancing on the high-wire with a rising Sagittarian Moon in crescent phase, early evening in the West; the scene is set. Perfection, balance and karmic recalibration: whatever we do at this time will vibrate in our lives for the next three to six months. So it’s nice to have a little control. Use it wisely.

Saturn finally ends its retrograde phase and begins forward motion again on the last day of the month and we begin the journey we have defined for ourselves at the Equinox. Make it a good one.

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