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Ok let’s hit the highlights….so much is happening that is being revealed by the movement of the planets and stars at this time we’ll just have to try and find the most potent points and see what they might portend for us here on planet Earth.


A Mercury conjunct Jupiter in Aquarius kick-starts the month on 5th March; the messenger arrives with wonderful news that brings very positive opportunities for humanity as a whole. If 17degrees Aquarius is prominent in your own birth chart, then it’s personal as well. Act swiftly, think big and get into high gear now! Today!

The Sun shines on Neptune as they conjoin at 20 degrees Pisces on 11th March. Works of art in the fluid mediums (ok media!) will be successfully brought to light and some dazzling underwater: through waterfall; across rainbow-arced lakes and beach scapes photography and cinematic spectaculars will evolve; shine and disappear. Creating water features would be nice.

Mars into Gemini on 4th March gets the footy season, and other displays of speed and agility bursting into life and the children will be especially active and confronting. Divert and channel this mind/body burst of energy as best you can. No more kids stealing cars for “fun” would be a good outcome.

Now the Equinox: the Sun directly above the equator, heading north and symbolising the beginning of the astrological year at 0 degrees Aries on the 20th March. At the same time Venus is on the equator, crossing into Aries. Sun conjunct Venus at 0 degrees Aries? Wow! What a year that promises! A mix of love, beauty, art, action, challenge, adventure and over-the-top expressions of all, or any, of these experiences. Especially new ways of self-expression, with a desire for the adventure of it, rather than a set outcome. A real ‘heads-up’ to go for it.

A full Moon at 8 degrees Libra on 28th March with the Sun again conjoining Venus and both opposite to the Moon. Love is most certainly in the air on that night and the ambience is quite beautiful wherever you are just “love the one you’re with” (Steven Stills) and sip the wine. Seduction city!


Now April, let’s roughen it up a little, Mercury into Aries on the 4th April. Speed, thrills and the competitive urge to be faster and take it to the edge with Venus and Mars in a high-speed aspect, and in come the eagles, “Life in the fast lane” and “Take it to the limit” And you will. It’s an Aries Gemini thing and if you’ve got the 20th degree of Aries or Gemini in your birth chart, then your adrenalin and hormones are racing. Good luck. Watch for records being broken in the speed sports.

There’s a very tense aspect between Mars, Pluto and the Sun on 17th-18th April three planets, by nature strong and pushy and which react to aggression with even more of the same, pushing each other in a gnarly combination of uncompromising “no quarter” reaction to each other. Explosions of various kinds around the world and personal relationships? Well, try and tread softly – if you can.

A Scorpio Full Moon opposite to Sun in Taurus on 27th April at 3:33 GMT aligned with the star Capulus – ruthless, savage, consuming passions. Well bugger! This is a full Moon for avoiding unless you are hell-bent on vengeance. Take care. Male sexual energy is rampant.


Well, let’s get outta there. May 1st begins the month with a Sun – Uranus conjunction. Simply put, excitement and flashes of illumination and highlight on the unusual, the bizarre and the breakthroughs. Good! Back-stepping Pluto in a harmonious Earth trine withthe Sun on 17th -18th May. Now, let’s do something useful with this built-up energy. Jupiter into Pisces pulls the focus into compassionate, peaceful actions from the leaders and bringing water and electricity into places where they are of great benefit. Hydro power is suggested and of course, solar power with the Sun-Pluto thing.

Mars in Cancer and Saturn in Aquarius working together is a powerful expression of the human family working towards long-term, peaceful solutions. Then a Solar Eclipse on 26th May at 5 degrees Sagittarius leads us into a time of optimism and well, good fortune as they say. Let’s crank it up in our own little circles and send out the ripples! Shine on!

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