The Astrology of Liberation

If we consider the expanding focus on ‘gender bending’ from an astrological perspective then, as with all other aspects of human experience, there is startling clarity and synchronicity between the planetary archetypes; their movement, and events here on Earth.

As a simple explanation, one brilliantly explored by Richard Tarnas in his book Cosmos and Psyche, there is a basic set of archetypes within which the universe collectively functions – from galaxies to particles, and both humans and planets flow in the same archetypal currents.

And so, if we consider the cultural expression of LGBTQIA+, we will look to the movement and aspects of the planets and zodiac signs that symbolise the archetypal expressions of these lifestyle choices.

Firstly we would look at Uranus – the revolutionary; the androgynous and the freedom – seeking archetypes; then Pluto: the intense, empowering, erotic, passionate and status-quo destroying archetypes. When these two planets interact you can be sure of some very intense liberating action at the level of human interaction.

So, just to go back a little way, during 1965-66 there was an exact Uranus-Pluto conjunction: a burst of liberating events coincided, including sexual freedom, women’s rights, ‘happenings’, rock music, films, books and freedom movements bursting into flower and changing, forever, the cultural paradigms. The search for alternative spiritual philosophies, gurus and lifestyles also proliferating and exemplifying the Virgoan archetype. The Uranus-Pluto conjunction was in the sign of Virgo- mutable, or Earth – changes from the grass roots, you might say.

Now from February to May 2022 we have all the planets tightly compressed between Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Taurus – the other two earth signs. So you will have noticed, no doubt, that all aspects of human existence are going through massive transformations. For all the planets to have been compressed into a tight Earth trine and even tighter, we are experiencing unique times. A kind of 60’s after glow….

When we look to other astro-indicators of sexuality, obviously Venus and Mars will be prominent. Here again we have witnessed an unusual “coming together” of the female-male archetypes. Venus travels at about twice the speed of Mars, so their contacts are usually quite brief – just for the weekend, so to speak.

This year, right through February March and most of April they stayed entwined, snugged together from Capricorn through Aquarius and into Pisces with all the elements: fire, earth, air and water merging, flowing, earthing and flying together.   Anyway, which way, anything is okay! The archetypes are clear and explicate in the cosmos, on Earth and inevitably with us humans, exploring all coupling possibilities.

Then one more, if we consider Mercury, the androgynous messenger, trickster, and meme-whisperer and the sign (s) he rules: Gemini, the twins, duality, and all things “bi” then, as this little winged messenger dances through Gemini in May-June and early July singing songs of love and pleasure and, incidentally, breaking out of the squeezed Pluto to Uranus compression, the pressure valve is released!

By June the Sun, Mercury and Venus have broken out of that intense erotic reconstruction and freedom is the joyful cry! The promise of the Taurean solar eclipse in April is fulfilled and the beauty of the body and it’s desires can be honoured without the now-deconstructed restrictive mores that have been on their way out since the 1960’s and now there can be ‘satisfaction”. Saturn through Aquarius now in finally, after bedrock analysis laying the foundations for the Aquarian promise of liberation, equality and enlightenment.

As you can see, to access all the truth and wisdom that astrology can provide, we need to go much further than “your day by the stars’, based on which 30degree segment of the zodiac the Sun was in at your birth. If you were born with the Sun in, say, Virgo, then you share that sun sign with some 500 million other humans. Are you all having the same kind of day or life? This kind of bland, relativistic debasement of the sacred art has little to do with the full blown power of astrology – it’s just cheap tricks, kitty litter in fact.

Even people born on the same day, while sharing many planetary archetypes will have very different lives. Born on 12th February 1809 were an impoverished American Backwoods man, Abraham Lincoln, and a well-too-do English traveller, Charles Darwin. They shared a Jupiter-Pluto conjunction, a Saturn-Neptune conjunction and a Uranus-Pluto trine with Mercury aspecting the four outer planets. Obvious similarities then: powerful communicators with a driving need to liberate under very tough circumstances, but their day-to-day lives could not have been more different. Lincoln became the US President, abolished slavery and set in motion a most bloody civil war. Darwin collected biological proof of evolution and freed Christendom from the religious tyranny of creationism, but, even so, an understanding of the transiting patterns can’t come even close to painting the full picture of your life and times. The meticulous, wise and dedicated ancient and medieval astrologers would be horrified at the prostitution of the sacred art by the cheap tricks merchants. But this too shall pass.  Much more could be said but if you would gain a deeper understanding of the emergence of gender and sexual flexibility and rights to choose, look to the planetary patterns of your birth.

Things have evolved: the Victorian era of ultra-moralistic rules and penalties during the turn of the last century led into a Saturn-Pluto opposition, and that’s as hard, cold and dark as planetary aspects can get. Homosexuality was a crime, Oscar Wilde was imprisoned and the seeds of the two world wars were planted. Neptune conjoined Pluto in Gemini and the punishments of gender flexile lifestyles were severe. We’ve come a long way and in 2024 Pluto finally moves into Aquarius where it will fully complete the birthing of the Aquarian era and remain until 2044. Then there is forming a Saturn-Pluto square aspect from Sagittarius to Pisces – a real ‘softening’ of the hard-liners and setting firmly in place the now established structures of Aquarian freedom. And the beat goes on….not another ‘flower powering’ but a genuine ‘power flowering’ to look forward to…. the power of truth and freedom!

Rob Hart   


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