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Just about all aspects of life moving into new, uncharted territory as the frequencies rise and the pace increases, more ‘interesting things’ are finding space in our lives. They do seem very full, but somehow the new calls on our time, actions and thoughts just keep on coming…what a ride!

We might consider that Mars – Neptune aspect on 3rd September along the Virgo-Pisces axis. These two planets are considered to be opposite in their effects but can also cooperate and work together bringing help to where it is needed – active, practical benefits to the suffering and the weak. There is a lot of healing potential here, so you may like to focus on that potential as giver or receiver; a sacred, compassionate doorway to integrate the spiritual and the material on your journey.

The new Moon on 7th September is on the most sacred 15° Virgo point – feelings and emotions flowing with those healing and purifying frequencies activated by the Mars-Neptune alignment.  Mercury and Venus are both in Libra over that period, it should be swift and quite beautiful to experience.

Mars moving into Libra, as Venus moves through Scorpio, mid-September is tremendously positive for creative inspiration and intense sharing of feelings (and action…) The tight combination of Jupiter and Pluto closing the circuit 10th to 12th September shifts everything as the expanding, transforming current surges. Best time for big changes!

Spring  Equinox:

The Sun at the 0° Libra point directly above the equator, ‘all things being equal’ about describes it best. For us, the exact time will be 4:22 am, 23rd September, so that sunrise would be perfect for a ritual or meditation focussed on balance, harmony and beauty. Decisions made now can and will shift the cosmic balance and the direction of your life. Use it well….

October is a feast! Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter all turn direct and begin to move forward again; Mercury too. Between the 6th and the 18th October there’s much movement at the station. Excitement is in the air. What is it? Seven planets and Moon’s nodes all in Air or Fire signs – breezy, fiery, full of action, excitement and possibilities.

The 9th and 10th of October has Sun, Mercury and Mars all exactly aligned at 16° Libra. Whoof! Middle of Libra – perfect balance and aesthetic harmony. Sun – light and life force. Mercury the messenger – information and communication.  Mars – action, courage, battles and winning.

These look like a very exciting couple of days. Where does 16° Libra fall in your birth chart? That’s your point of perfect balance at this time. Check it out. There’s an Aries full Moon 20th – 21st October with Mars and Jupiter making a most powerful Air-trine: Libran Mars and Aquarian Jupiter on the 22°. That’s a winner’s aspect! Where do 22° Libra and 22° Aquarius sit in your own birth chart? Now you can win! Promise.

Then the Sun moves into Scorpio on 23rd October, with a Gemini Moon. You might think that this suggests the two sides of Scorpio will appear but no, there’s only one side to the Scorpio: can bite or sting at both ends; is deep, intense and unknowable – even to itself. Gemini best dance on by.

As the month ends, the Scorpio Sun squares off to an Aquarian Saturn. Look like the feast is over and the main event begins…

November kicks off with Mars into Scorpio, Mercury and Jupiter linked in a Libra-Aquarian Air trine and Venus cozying up to Pluto! An incredible complex of energies guaranteed to lift you up and out of any ruts that you haven’t quite freed yourself from. Should I? Could I? Absolutely yes!

There’s a Mars square to Uranus looming in the fixed signs of Scorpio and Aquarius around the 17th – 18th November with a Taurus Moon coming full on 19th to lock it in. This is a real battle demanding all the skills, strength and determination to win. What? Again, your birth chart will make that clear. Anything at around 12° Leo would really lock it in for you – the fixed grand cross: unbeatable!

The full Moon will be in eclipse, by the way, at around 7pm our time it should be visible then. A very powerful time to bring things to a conclusion and reap the harvest – a Taurus full Moon you see… once we probably would have sacrificed a bull. Now? Perhaps ripe fruit would be sufficient.

The Sun and Mercury both into Sagittarius 22nd and 24th November with Venus and Mars in nice aspect feels very fertile and growth oriented for expansive, long-range plans, Jupiter and Pluto again doing a bit of a snuggling and a sense of new life about to begin. Plan big, dream long…

A very dynamic three months, it seems.

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