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and that the “Age of Pisces” is now winding down, the actual cusp, or transition point will be necessarily a bit vague and uncertain. From the 1960’s there have been speculations and predicted dates ranging from early 1900’s to 2300, but, look at 2020! What a year of transition!

Astrology always answers its’ own questions with unerring precision and this December, Jupiter and the ancient ruler of Aquarius, Saturn, both enter Aquarius forming a grand conjunction at zero degrees Aquarius on 22nd December! Right on the Solstice; the alpha and omega of our annual solar cycle, ding- dong the midnight hour. This follows a total eclipse of the Sun on 15th December with Moon and Sun in alignment with Galactic centre at 23 degrees Sagittarius, and with Mercury, the messenger, also at 23 degrees Sagittarius forming a triple conjunction in the tail of the constellation Scorpio lining up with galactic centre. All zeroing in….

So, there can be no doubt that this is a most potent point of transition; the astrological evidence is overwhelming and the shifts in events and consciousness will be specifically and obviously Aquarian in nature which is: humanitarian, technological, recognition of our belonging to a galactic community and a general sense of unity and individuality combining as consciousness expands. Many things once doubted or considered to be magical become “normal”.

Christmas comes on a Taurus rising moon and won’t the supermarkets and liquor stores love that! Classic for over-indulgence and just pigging –out as “one by one the guests arrive” (Leonard Cohen) and the sense of celebrating the changes becomes very physical (in a party kind of way)

When Mercury and the Sun move into Aquarius during January 2021 and Mars goes into Taurus, there is a strong practical sense of “earthing” the changes and seeing lots of magical portents as the rising crescent Moon “feeds” on the high-frequency Aquarian energy-waves, joining Uranus, Aquarius planetary “ruler” on 22nd January. Buzzing bees around a honey pot: so much activity within a united energy-field, and a harmonised collection of individual intentions and actions and a bit of constructive demolition: the USA is a good example, with Pluto making its’ 250 year return in the birth chart of the U.S.A. Much is being destroyed; rebirthed and irreversibly game-changing. These are exciting times!

Venus joins the Aquarian mob on 1st February; Sun, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn, a real planetary party to celebrate the coming of the Aquarian Age. There’s a Mars trine to Pluto in the earth houses ( ) on 25th February. Mother Earth is convulsing so stay safe; all out attacks; demolitions and wildly confrontational out-bursts are building up so….gently, gently and staying close to home are recommended. End of February could be quite wet with Sun, Moon, Venus and Neptune all in water signs. It’s all part of the transition and, as individuals and as a collective we probably can’t do much about it other than to recognise that we are the ones privileged to be here now and to project our highest-vibrational Aquarian thought waves.

The 17th February sees Saturn and Uranus forming a 90 degree square aspect, not comfortable, not meant to be, as the traditional and the established patterns collide head-on with the revolutionary, innovative and “different”. In the “fixed” signs too so neither gives until a level of enlightened wisdom is reached and both sides find room for compromise, or collapse and have to rebuild.

February ends with a full Moon in Virgo: all the hard work and dedication to the cleansing and healing will have been worth it and now the real work begins, individually and globally. So, there’s a 3 month over-view of the astro-scenery. May it work for your highest good. Hire-wire acts abound.

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