Women are capable of such great magnificence.  Venus rules the Goddess within. The sign of the zodiac in which Venus is placed will show what kind of Goddess you are.  Venus is soft and feminine but in the sign of Aries your Goddess will be assertive.  If Venus is in Capricorn she will show her love for others in the practical things that she does for them. With Venus in Scorpio your Goddess will not be overly concerned about what society thinks of her.  Each sign brings a different manifestation to the Goddess nature which flows from within.

Sometimes your Goddess is not as magnificent as she should be.  She may be tired and a little weary and does not shine quite so brightly.  If your Goddess is feeling this way it might pay to check your birth chart to see how you do Venus.  Knowing yourself will allow you to find your centre and strength and to do life in ways which are easier and more rewarding.

Although Astrology tells you the things you are fated to experience, for those who know themselves well there is a way of escaping fate and radiating a new reality from within.  Instead of reacting you begin to act and respond with good grace and less conflict. If you can see what you do and how it manifests in your life you can choose a different course of action and then the outcome of your life will change – as if by magic.

Looking ahead

March: Do not be in a hurry.  It is easy to get restless after the summer break and, with all the other stuff that is going on, we just want to get on with it.  When world events rattle our cages they do so for a reason and they do not go away on command.  World events have a purpose and this usually means profound change.  We get used to it in time but it does not always pay to try and make life happen in the throes of change. Perhaps we need to learn how to “let life happen” and be ready to take advantage of opportunities as they arise. Do what you must but also make sure your plans are flexible.

April: Although we feel the urge to be making plans and doing things the planets are saying there is a little more to come which will transition us to something new.  It is a month where paths and actions will be chosen but will not lead where we expect them to.  The world and our lives will never be quite the same again but the change is not negative in the long run so just be patient and have faith.

May: Solar Eclipse 1 May at 10 Taurus.  During the next six months there is a need for people to review their lives.  Things have changed, jobs have ended, businesses have closed and many people now work from home.  Life might be different but you will respond and get used to it in time, and – it may not be as bad as you think.

Lunar eclipse 16 May at 25 Scorpio. This eclipse highlights personal beliefs about career and status in life.  This could be a great period for changing careers but remember, what you do is not who you are.

If these eclipses are within a 2 degree orb of something in your birth chart then this will show what you need to be working on in the next six months.

Jupiter moves into Aries on 11 May. Hang on to your hat and try to be wise in all your pursuits.

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