Crystal Feature


The 3rd Eye/Brow chakra colour is purple.  Many people use Amethyst and I often do too, as Amethyst is the power house of the crystal world, enhancing intuition, protecting and cleansing your aura and other crystals and has powerful healing properties. That being said, Charoite has a special energy for me, and if some is available, I prefer it over Amethyst in a chakra layout.

Charoite enhances intuition, deepens meditation and brings relaxation as the mind lets go and allows the inner knowing to take charge.  It operates as a power increaser, so is perfect in chakra alignment. Many people with very rigid patterns of the mind and body find it particularly helpful, as it softens the approach into allowing, rather than forcing. The result is a lovely openness and acceptance of the present moment It  generally strengthens the body, grounding high frequency energy into the physical system transmuting illness and disease into wellness. It assists in overcoming exhaustion, and stimulates and regulates blood pressure and pulse rate. It is an excellent cleanser of the body when taken as an elixir. This amazing crystal can also help with headaches, insomnia, sleep walking/talking and fears of all kinds.

Charoite belongs to the Silica family and is found only in Russia, it is relatively rare. It ranges from deep purple to lavender, often with whiteish flecks, and can look pearly when held to the light if in polished form.

As it grounds and strengthens the body and energy systems in general, it is very helpful for detoxification from food, alcohol and drugs, also reversing liver damage.  It can assist with other disorders also such as Autism & Bipolar. It will also support you in finding or returning to your sacred path.  It is a beautiful crystal and we try to keep a few of them in store at all times, although it is not a common or cheap crystal. Photo is our current stock.

Reviewed by Angi from the Crystal Ball Bookstore, Cairns