Crystal Feature


Colour can range from an intense blue, through the pastel shades to a light green, or a combination of both. It is relatively common, but in its highest grade/quality quite rare. Being one of the most powerful female empowerment crystals in the mineral kingdom, it is a talisman for good luck and protection, and is carried by sailors for its fearless properties. Dating back to ancient Egypt, it is said that mermaids would grant safe passage to sailors carrying this crystal.  Being the colour of the sea, it represents the clam and vast side of the ocean, with endless depths.  The color aquamarine is also associated with the angelic realm, helping you understand and work with your intuition and dreams.  Being a combination of blue and green, it encourages good communication from the throat chakra, but assists you speak from the heart. This makes it a great tool for parents to talk to their kids about things, public speaking, or any situation that clear, heartfelt communication is required, including writing.

Aquamarine is a great emotional stableiser, providing clarity of mind, calmness and assists us dispel intolerance, fears and phobias. It enhances our inner wisdom by activating and supporting our third eye and heart chakras. Use it for any problems associated with the throat, especially thyroid issues and as an overall tool of wellness. Symbolising unconditional love and compassion, having Aquamarine on or near you will enhance your communication and connection to likeminded beings, and help you sort out any issues with people you need to be around that are not currently vibrating on the same level as you.

Reviewed by Angi from the Crystal Ball Bookstore, Cairns