Crystal Feature


It clears pathways in the chakras and meridians to allow the Chi to flow, resorting health and vitality to the whole body. Blue Kyanite is also very calming, making it excellent for meditation, and as it also represents the throat chakra, it assists communication on all levels. Ying Yang balance is also restored by the use of Blue Kyanite.

Kyanite is found all around the world, with major deposits found in Switzerland, Russia, Africa and the USA.  It is formed from Aluminium Silicate, and is often found with deposits of Pyrite, Selenite, Clear Quartz and Garnet, especially in the rough specimens.

Interestingly, the crystals that are often found with and imbedded in Kyanite,  are also helpful in chakra alignment.  Clear Quarts keeps the others cleansed and energised, Selenite assists the psychic side come through, and is also protective against negative energies, and Pyrite, while also being a negative energy deflector, also increases vibration, and sustains energy during times of stress, When Garnet is present as in some of the specimens in the photo, passion can be ignnited, not just romantic, but the drive to push ahead with your goals, and encourages you to spend your time in pursuits that make your heart sing.

Other properties of Blue Kyanite include; promoting mobility, increased vitality and health in the cells, bone marrow, throat and neurological system.  It is particularly helpful in improving speech, especially after a stroke or disease/illness.  It assists remove blockages and constrictions anywhere in the body.

Overall, I love this crystal and use it often in my daily life. I have a stunning rough piece in my office. J

Reviewed by Angi from the Crystal Ball Bookstore, Cairns