Crystal Feature


Truth and Communication

All blue crystals represent the throat chakra, but Lapis being such an intense deep blue is always the one I go for when I feel something needs to be said, and I’m having trouble getting it out. It is best worn near the throat, but will still give assistance if it’s in your pocket or bag, or worn elsewhere on your body. You can also place it on your throat during meditation, or on your brow to help open the third eye. Many people also wear it to offer protection against psychic attacks.

Most of the Lapis is found in Afghanistan, and it is relatively common, although not the cheapest of crystals. The mineral content is sodium aluminum silicate with sulphur, chlorine hydroxyl, and variable inclusions of pyrite and white calcite. The Pyrite content deflects negativity, and also helps keep you on track with your communication, by stopping you falling into the “oh poor me” syndrome. One of the main functions of Lapis is helping us take responsibility for ourselves, our communication and emotional growth, and find solutions without blaming others. It is also a stone of harmony and friendship.

Among the physical ailments Lapis can help with are; headaches and migraines, lymph glands, bone marrow, ear and nasal problems, Autism and Asperser’s.

Lapis is one of my favourite crystals (do I say this every issue???) and I find myself wearing it often.  It is available in many forms from a simple tumble stone to large expensive pendants.  Come in and have a look, and make Lapis part of your life.

Reviewed by Angi from the Crystal Ball Bookstore, Cairns