Animal Medicine


Dragonflies are curious creatures who will often visit humans, sometimes resting on a bare arm or leg to deliver an ethereal greeting. Dragonflies have superior vision that spans 360 degrees and most of their brain function is dedicated to sight. This makes Dragonfly a powerful ally to call on for guidance in our dreams and journeys, for healing of all eyesight related issues and assistance in developing clarity of vision.

Dragonflies have ancient ancestors who were much larger than their modern descendants, with some prehistoric dragonflies boasting a wingspan of up to thirty inches! It is because of this lineage from the age of giant insects that dragonflies were associated with dragons in early mythology. Although their wings look delicate, Dragonflies are fast and agile in the air with some species able to fly across the ocean to visit faraway lands. The shifting colours on their translucent wings remind us to keep magic and beauty in our thoughts and dreams while taking care not to get caught up in fantasies or delusions. What appears real in one moment may be gone in the next and Dragonfly urges us to see through our own illusions when deciding which goals and visions are really worth pursuing.

If Dragonfly has flown into your awareness lately, she may be urging you to look more closely at your current situation to discern reality from illusion. Dragonfly medicine can empower your vision and bring you greater clarity. You might need to expand your awareness to discover more information or explore additional options. Dragonfly is a powerful ally in times of change, reminding you to rest a moment to bask in the sunshine. After taking some time out to recharge and reassess, you will be ready to spread your powerful wings and take flight once again.

Shamaness Misha Hoo