Animal Medicine


Barramundi are a gender-fluid fish that populate coastal areas of the Indo-West Pacific region from the Persian Gulf to China, Taiwan, southern Japan, and southward to Papua New Guinea and northern Australia. Barramundi are strong swimmers who love their freedom and can travel over large distances while thriving in both fresh and salty waters.

They also benefit from a broad diet so they are never short of sustenance and can find nourishment in any locale. In this way, Barramundi teaches us the importance of widening our horizons and being flexible with how and where we live. Barramundi is a great ally for travellers and global nomads, helping us to easily find a home in new and faraway places.

Barramundi can teach us how to be open to change and new possibilities, thereby allowing ourselves to be transformed by the environments we inhabit. By tuning in to Barramundi medicine, we can learn to let go of outdated ego attachments and identifications, learning instead to live according to our natural cycles. Barramundi have a long life-span and can be a source of great wisdom for our inner journeys. They are an especially powerful ally for navigating emotional terrains and can guide us through murky waters where we cannot see clearly. With Barramundi as a teacher, we can learn how to feel our way through unfamiliar territory, developing confidence in our inner sense of direction. Barramundi is also wise to trickery and will not be caught easily with a net or trap. In this way, they demonstrate the importance of being aware of deception and false appearances.

If Barramundi has been calling to you lately, it might be time to look around and assess whether your environment is supportive. Barramundi could be prompting you to look for new sources of nourishment or new ways to express your authenticity. If you have been feeling stuck or stranded, you can call on Barramundi to help you navigate into clear waters. With Barramundi as an ally, you have enormous reserves of strength, intuition, fluidity, and freedom at your disposal.

Shamaness Misha Hoo