Animal Medicine

A group of Lions is called a ‘pride’ and this name reflects their fierce loyalty and close kinship as they live together in a harmonious extended family. If you have been feeling isolated lately, you can call on Lion to share her medicine and teach you how to create long-lasting bonds with those you love. If you are feeling unsupported in your current circumstances, call on Lion to bring you the courage to go your own way and find a more nurturing environment where you can thrive.

Lions are usually sedentary throughout the day and will not exert themselves unnecessarily. However, when they are on the hunt they will burst into action and can run at remarkable speeds to catch their prey. In this way, Lion can teach us the value of conserving our energy for the things that really matter. With Lion medicine, we do not exhaust ourselves with unproductive errands but rather exert our power towards our heartfelt goals. Lions have been revered as a symbol of strength and nobility in many cultures throughout the world. They are known as ‘big-hearted’ and generous because they share their food with their tribe and ensure that no one goes hungry; even the old and infirm have a place at the Lion’s table.

If Lion has been stalking your dreams lately, it may be time to reconnect with those you love or seek out a tribe of like-minded souls. Lion may be prompting you to consider your resources and reassess whether you are doing enough to provide for yourself and your dependants. If you need some courage or strength to make a change or take a stand for something that matters to you, call on Lion’s medicine and open your heart to her power.

Shamaness Misha Hoo