Animal Medicine


Owls are found in nearly all parts of the world and have been admired by many cultures. As nocturnal birds of prey, Owls have exceptional vision at night and because of this trait they have been associated with mysticism and magic. Owl’s ability to see in the dark makes her a powerful ally for shamans and anyone who dares to journey into unseen realms. If you need assistance navigating through a period of darkness or are struggling to find your way in unfamiliar territory, you can call on Owl to guide you. Since Owls are rarely seen during the day, they do not have much contact with humans. Therefore, when an Owl visits, you can be sure she has a message for you. Owls are renowned for delivering messages from the deceased or from relatives far away. If Owl has dropped in to visit you lately, it might be time to reconnect with loved ones or take a moment to remember those who have passed on.

With Owl medicine, you can cultivate your ability to see in the dark, not literally but figuratively, and develop your inner perceptions so you can interpret your dreams and visions. Owl is a powerful guide in healing journeys that can enable you to resolve past issues and gain valuable insight into your own spiritual path. Owl bestows the gift of seeing life with clarity and can teach you how to fix your gaze on what is important, learning how to ignore unnecessary distractions. Owl is a fearsome hunter, who swoops through the night to catch her prey with incredible precision as she flies on silent wings. If Owl has come into your awareness lately, you might want to consider if you are hindering yourself with excess noise or trying to do too many things at once. Take a moment to step back and enter the silence of meditation. From this place of solitary stillness, you can access your inner wisdom and see clearly what is important for you right now.

Shamaness Misha Hoo