Animal Medicine


The image of a row of Ducklings waddling after the mother duck is a powerful symbol that demonstrates the importance of family in shaping who we become. When we are children, we learn about the world through the eyes of our elders and siblings while weaving their perceptions into our own. As we grow, it is important to claim our independence and develop core values that reflect the person we are becoming rather than simply mimicking our family of origin. Ducklings need a secure place to retreat from predators until they learn to fly, thereby showing us the value of creating a safe space to nurture our personal development. Nonetheless, mother ducks sometimes abandon Ducklings that cannot keep up, illustrating how nature can be a stern teacher that pushes us to grow up and develop self-reliance.

Duckling symbolises the power of family that urges us to seek out mentorship and nurturing from our community. If your blood family does not offer the support you need, it is important to look further afield to find your tribe. We all deserve to feel safe, loved, and supported but sometimes we must take the initiative to leave a familiar nest that does not provide what we need. The story of the “ugly duckling” who was really a young swan teaches that every child can ultimately realise their unique potential by growing more fully into their authentic self and discovering where they truly belong.

If you have become comfortable in scarcity, call on Duckling to show you the path to nourishment. Make space for a teacher or mentor to come into your life and seek out shelter in the company of like-minded souls. Duckling is a powerful ally for your inner child who bestows the gifts of innocence and pure intentions. If you have become overly cynical or disenchanted with the world, Duckling can assist you to rekindle your childlike joy and enthusiasm. If Duckling has waddled into your awareness lately, your inner child may need some nurturing or it might be a good time to reconnect with family or friends.

Shamaness Misha Hoo