Animal Medicine

music. Cockatoo’s loud and boisterous nature can teach us how to take pride in our own voice and opinions without sacrificing our connection to community. Cockatoos are not afraid to say what they think and know that, even when they cannot see through the dense forest, their feathered friends are only a call away.

Cockatoos nest in hollow trees and work together with their partners to feed and care for the young, who fly with them for several months after they leave the nest. In this way, Cockatoo teaches us the value of partnership and how to balance a shared work load with another. Cockatoos are vulnerable to predators when they feed on the ground and will post a couple of ‘scouts’ in a nearby tree to warn of approaching danger. This behaviour has led to the colloquial use of ‘cockatoo’ or ‘cocky’ to mean a person on ‘police-watch’ for groups engaged in illegal activities. Cockatoo’s strong sense of community can show us the importance of looking out for others and ensuring that everyone has safe access to the resources they need.

If Cockatoo has flown into your awareness lately, it might be time to speak your truth or call out loudly for those you care about. You may have an important message to deliver or you might be in a position to stand up for someone else.  If something has been bothering you, it is important to speak your mind and overcome any sense of shyness or shame in who you are and what you stand for. It is important to speak your truth clearly and choose your words carefully so you are understood without causing unnecessary offence. If you are struggling to articulate your needs or deeper feelings, call on Cockatoo to empower your voice and teach you how to speak with confidence, clarity and compassion.

Shamaness Misha Hoo