Cover Artist: LoveLisa

Cover Title: Greenwoman

Medium: Acrylic on canvas


Cconnecting back with nature – innate ~ essential ~ interconnecting…

“Greenwoman calls us to feel the earth in our heart,

to connect with the cosmic forces

breathing in and out and flowing through the universe…

and here, in our beautiful rainforest paradise

invites us to remember the interconnection

of all life-forms in their wondrous multi-hued, miraculous expressions,

the feathered, furred and finned ones, the micro and the macro

and all the flourishing biodiverse forms

that meet our eyes and our hearts in their being…” 

I was visiting a friend a couple of days ago, and her pet dog Doodle was really excited to see me. He wagged his tale, licked me, and jumped around the house, making it clear that he was a dog! Of course Doodle did not talk to me or invite me to have a snack with him, and I didn’t mind his non-human behaviour at all. I also did not have any special admiration for Doodle for acting so canine or ‘dog-ly’!

The philosopher that I am, this incident made me think why a dog being canine or a cat being feline is not as rare as a human being humane. It is perhaps because we humans have used our power of choice in ways that have led us way far from whom or how we are meant to be. But being the ones with the largest pre-frontal cortex among all primates in the known universe, we have the gift of subtle intelligence that can take us humans back to being humane.

Connecting with our biological, emotional and spiritual intelligence, is enough to help us be who we are. But unfortunately enough, we live in a world which profits only from our disconnection with ourselves. The modern world is rigged to keep us alien to our own nature, because that is a smart and easy way to make us the helpless victims of our own toxicities and thus bound addicts to the world’s toxicities.

In my journey from living a life of self-divorce to living a life of self-love, if I have learnt one thing, then it is that to be simply human is hard. We have gone so far along the winding roads away from ourselves, that for many among us, the very idea of being ourselves is intimidating. Here, I feel what helps a lot is to know what it means to be human.

So here are a few things that I believe, make us human:


  1. Love, they say, makes the world go around. Love, I say, makes us who we are. A human being has been gifted with the power to steer her/his love into or away from oneself. Thus, the first thing that makes us human is our ability to ensure that we love ourselves enough. And love is never enough! So, the only way for you to love you is to love infinitely.
  2. Change, they say, is inevitable and difficult. But change is also beautiful and rewarding. Change is not the villain we must fear, but the friend we must welcome. As humans, we are gifted with the power to change, transform, grow, and bloom. And what makes us human is the ability to do an endless amount of self-work and keep bringing our inner-light to our experience more and more and more every single day. So to curate happy change is human.
  3. Balance is the art of responding to life in a way that makes us find greater peace, love, and happiness within and without. Balance is a non-shakespearean approach to life. Also, it is not about being in a Zen-like calm at all times. It is about being able to come back to the Tao in us again and again. It is to ‘choose’ a response instead of being compelled into it by our impulses. Our capacity for balance makes us human.
  4. Happiness is home-made, goes the saying. It is actually ‘home’. It is where we belong so aboriginally, and it is where we all are constantly trying to get to. But what we often are not told is that happiness is not possible unless I make it a habit to pick my own. Pick your happiness. Don’t make choices that you know will hurt you or make you sad. Happiness is key to humanity. If we are not choosing happiness, we are not living up to our full potential as humans.
  5. Courage is the simple capacity to stay off what is toxic or unhealthy for me. Whether it is food or feelings, whether it is social media or relationships, whether is a web-series or a person, we need to listen to us. If something doesn’t feel right, it probably is not. May be, sometimes it is your hormones or an inner wound or your ego that is talking to you. But even if I am injured or unwell, if something is not suiting me, it isn’t. I distance, leave or let go of anything that doesn’t serve to create the life I would want to die in. Courage implies owning myself up and standing up for me. And it is a rare and sexy human trait!
  1. Acceptance is to know that we all have many shades to our beings. We are infinite in our potentials and so, we own endless possibilities. So to be human is as much about being love, engineering change, choosing balance, creating happiness, practicing courage, as much it is about being flawed, experiencing failure, dealing with agitations, living less than happy and allowing myself the space to be not so courageous. Humans can embrace themselves entirely, and that makes us super-powerful.

Humanity is not so much about others as it is about ourselves. Hurt people hurt people. Happy people make people happy. And so, humanity begins by owning our human nature entirely, by loving, healing and happy-ing ourselves. And trust me, there is nothing as liberating as being the Self. Try!


This article is written by Indian philosopher Nidhi Chaitanya.

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