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Adapting to the Covid -19 

Sacral Chakra Edition #156

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PART ONE here:

Part 1 – Special Features 

Chakras and Relationships by Ella Shannon
Chakras and Emotions by Jo Wooler
Fear of Death by Paula Smrdel
Pandemic Positive Mindset by Matthew Savant
Tai Chi to Empower by Dr. Paul Lam
World Falun Dafa Day
Embracing Spirituality by Sandy
Retreat at Home by Renee Cashman – McAlpine
Sacral Chakra Challenge – Guilt by Sarah Baxter
The Kindness Bus Tour
Cover Artist – Katy-lea Holmes
Heal by Jenny Fraser
Healing Country Not-for-profit Organisation
Faces of the Far North

PART TWO here:

Part 2 – Regular Features 

Siddha Stories – The King and the Prophet Khidr by the Universal Storyteller
Book Review – Tantric Sex and Menopause by Angi O’Neill
Gardening – Edibles to gorow at your place by Jo Martin
Flower Essences – Sacral Chakra by Kathleen O’Keefe
Feng Shui – The Metal Rat and the Corona virus by Jan Leese
Animal Medicine – Lovebirds and Tarot – Temptation by Misha Hoo
Essential Oils – Sacral Chakra by Fi Kimber 
Herbs – Rehmannia by David Peirce
Horoscopes – April and May by Pamela Dowe 
Living Astrology – April and May by Rob Hart 
A – ZEN Directory 
Faces of the Far North 

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