Cairns Total Solar Eclipse

6.38am 14th November 2012


This Solar Eclipse tracks exactly over the Cairns region. See the map for the path of the Total Eclipse shadow: right over Palm Cove (Double Island to be more precise) and through Mount Carbine. The full width of the shadow extends south to Innisfail and north to Bloomfield and Palmer River. The eclipse will begin as the Moon begins to cross the face of the Sun, a couple of hours before the totality of the eclipse, and then the Sun will gradually emerge again from behind the Moon. The eclipsing of the Sun by the Moon begins at 5.45am and ends at 7.41am.

What might this eclipse portend for Cairns, and globally? At the exact time of the total eclipse at the exact centre of the shadow, we find that exactly 0°, 0 minutes Capricorn is rising. That’s a lot of exactness. Just above the horizon is Mars and just about to rise is Pluto. Bear in mind that in every respect, Cairns and the surrounding region are essentially archetypical: a seed symbolising the whole of Earth and humanity. So yes, people are travelling from around the world to witness this cosmic event.

Zero Capricorn is essentially the seed that will lay the foundations for future structures. Mars and Pluto bracketing the horizon are violent, explosive, and symbolic of the release of atomic energy. This is indeed a powerful seed. So Cairns and the people gathered will in some way hold and release this life force into the world.

Then there is a complex (or stellium) of planets and lights covering the Scorpio Spectrum: Saturn, Sun, Moon, Moon’s North Node and Mercury. This stellium fills the 11th House of the eclipse astro-chart. Let’s explore. Scorpio symbolises passion, intensity, primal urges, death, sex and transformation. The 11th House relates to groups, shared ideals and wishes and humanitarian dreams. If we look at the components of the stellium, Saturn is Earth, structure and frameworks; Sun is fire, spirit, life force and success; Moon is water, feelings, emotions and the soul; Moon’s node is Group Soul Intentions and pathway; and Mercury is Air, the mind, information and communication.

So within this pattern are contained the four elements: fire, air, earth and water – Spirit, Soul, Mind and Body. The new moon especially in Scorpio is a rebirth: death, transformation, regeneration and an eclipse sets the stage for the next six months.

At the base of the astro-chart, Uranus in Aries is pushing hard for revolution and smashing the old structures and foundations, while Neptune and Chiron in Pisces are softening the dissolution, erasing the transition and tending to the victims.

And victims are highlighted on the midheaven of the chart at 21° Virgo. The fixed star, Zosma, one of the stars that outline Leo, the lion, is sitting right on the midheaven or high point of sky at the time of eclipse. In star lore, Zosma is known to relate to victims and suffering. But it’s a two-way thing. It can indicate victimisation or the caring for of the suffering. Either way it is the high point of the eclipse sky, so there is no doubt which way this is going. Putting it all together, we have an intensely powerful compression of world focus at this time and place, with atom-splitting explosive force to direct passion, ideals and intentions as a group, to directing and compassionately easing the transition from the old structures that are being smashed and dissolved, and focusing on the victims and the suffering. Mercury and Mars bracket the 12th house Sagittarius. Bright optimistic direction of the power of consciousness to relieve the suffering, and bring us together and onward.

This is, of course, also the eclipse that heralds the 2012 December solstice. No, the world will not end. Even the Mayans did not see the world ending at this time and here is proof!

But there will, indeed, be huge changes during the next six months as we evolve into Earth’s next great cosmic cycle. Welcome to the Galaxy!

Rob Hart. Rob is the resident astrologer / tarot reader at the Heritage Markets in Kuranda and can be contacted for readings on 4093 0218.


Solar Eclipse Timing

This month we’re to focus again on the Solar Eclipse over Cairns area on 14th November. If you’ve followed the story so far, you’ll be aware that there has been some confusion over the actual time of the eclipse. Well, we don’t want that, so we’ve done some serious digging over the last couple of months and this is what we’ve discovered.

All timing of celestial events is based on universal time, or what used to be Greenwich Mean Time. All astrology programs and ephemerides are based on universal time. In other words Greenwich at zero degrees longitude is the prime meridian. All other parts of the world derive their local time from their own longitude and how far away it is from Greenwich. In our local time zone we are ten hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time, so if calculating from an ephemeris or astrology program, we will simply add ten hours to G.M.T.

Now all astrologers who have calculated the Solar Eclipse time over Cairns have come up with around 8.15am, BUT the time of the eclipse has been given through the media as 6.38am. OK, so where did this time come from? After much digging, sifting and searching we discovered that all past eclipses have been visible on location at times wildly different to ephemeris-based times except for an eclipse in 1999 visible over Greenwich; this one was exact to the minute.

So, we went to N.A.S.A and found that there is a system called Terrestrial Dynamical Timing (T.D.T.), which can calculate exact local timing for any celestial event. Cool.

N.A.S.A’s head guru in this department is Fred Espenak G.S.F.C. (sounds impressive). Fred assumes full responsibility for the accuracy of eclipse timing based on T.D.T.

And, according to Fred, the time of greatest eclipse over Cairns district is 6.38am.

And any astrologers who have wondered what was wrong with their astrology program, relax. Universal time works fine for day-to-day needs. If you want precise terrestrial dynamical time, just crunch the formula (yeah, right!) or email Fred.

Enjoy the eclipse. It will rock you.

Rob Hart.