Health, Happiness and Harmony EXPO – 2023!

This event has been created to uplift, inform and inspire our community. We want to highlight the holistic, complimentary and alternative therapies and support organic and environmentally friendly businesses.

These events features a Body, Mind and Spirit Market as well as activities and entertainment to inspire.

In 2023 we bring the focus to YOGA!

Yoga is a wonderful way to move the body and the emotions and uplift your spirit. There are so many forms of yoga to explore and we look forward to presenting you with some in 2023!

CAIRNS EXPO – Sunday 7th May 2023 @ The Pier Shopping Centre, Cairns.

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EXPO Sept 2022

Held on Sunday 18th Sept 2022 at the Merrilands Hall, Atherton. Event Organiser Renee Cashman from Connect Magazine North Qld


Flower Mandala

Gypsi Flower girl Holli Scius and her amazing mandalas. She takes earth art to the next level with such beauty and creativity.

Crystal Tree of Life

Wendy Everett and Clive Walters presented another powerful crystal mandala for the community. 

Sponsor - Adriana's Painting Party

People painted live with guidance from the lovely Adriana. Two pictures were done on this day, the Turtles and the Sunflower.

Sponsor - Soul Prophecy

A global community of travellers,creators & healers. Raising the vibes with sunshine & soul…

EXPO May 2022

Held on Sunday 1st May 2022 at The Pier Shopping Centre, Cairns.

EXPO May 2022 at the Pier

Hundreds of people enjoyed the Body, Mind and Soul Market and the Discover Dance Program. 

Adriana's Painting Party

Zen Stones was painted live by participants as another fun and inspiring part of the day.

Drum and Dance Cairns

Always raising the energy the drums are always a favourite. 


Renee Cashman is the inspiration behind these events and her husband Rob always has her back. 

EXPO August 2021

Held on Sunday 29th August 2021 at the Merrilands Hall, Atherton. Event Organiser Renee Cashman of Connect Magazine North Qld. 

EXPO August 2021

The opening Gathering of the Gongs

Qigong & Tai Chi Classes all day

Earth Art Flower Mandala

The beautiful flower mandala from the talented Holli Scius

The Crystal Grid

The powerful Crystal Grid Opening to Love by Wendy Everett and Clive Walters

EXPO May 2021

Held on Sunday 2nd May 2021 at the Pier Shopping Centre, Cairns. 

EXPO May 2021

The opening Gathering of the Gongs 

EXPO May 2021

EXPO May 2021

The Tai Chi Qigong Experience – Master Danny Tai Chi Class