PerillaPerilla frutescens

Origin – India, China, Southeast Asia

Perilla is a survivor in our harsh tropical climate. A hardy annual (you may well recognise as a weed) it self seeds readily and adds a lovely purple splash to the herb garden. The leaves are used in Japanese cooking. There are also a variety of medicinal uses for this herb.

Pigeon Pea – Cajanus cajan

Origin – India

I’m attracted to pigeon pea first because it is perennial; second because it grows here easily and third because it offers a small legume we can harvest, dry and keep. It is a staple in India and west Asia where they make dhal with the peas.
I have one scrawny pot bound plant so far which is a terrible start! I’ve just acquired some treelings that have shot from fallen seed at a friend’s place. I’ve potted them up and when they show signs of surviving that torment hope to get them in the ground on the rainforest boundaries here at our place. As they’re small trees I plan to keep them cut back – using them in the mulch cocktail.
Pigeon pea can be grown as high protein animal forage and also eaten as sprouts making it even more versatile and worthwhile. Grows readily from seed.

Jo Martin, Grow Food Plant in Cairns, FNQ


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