COVER ARTIST: Susanna Isabella

COVER TITLE: Reflections

MEDIUM: Acrylic


International Medium, Artist and Clairvoyant Susanna is a messenger on the bridge between Heaven and Earth, sharing with you what your guides have to tell you… or your loved ones. Susanna works with love, light and integrity. She is accurate, confidential and wants to assist you to gain clarity, insight and guidance.

She also is available for commission artworks and specialises in visionary,other worldly and fantasy artwork.


When cultivating self-awareness, we can sometimes develop a rather narrow focus as we dive into the depths of our soul’s journey and traverse the many hallways of the mind. While there is certainly much to be gained from looking deeply within ourselves to understand our patterns of behaviour and untangle our motivations, fears and desires, this introspection can also create distortions in our perspective. When we consistently look within, we can lose sight of what is happening in the world around us and develop an unbalanced idea of how we fit within our family, community and the world at large. The practice of self-analysis can often lead to self-criticism and a quest for healing that never ends. When we are too deeply invested in perfecting the self, we can miss opportunities to fully engage in all that life has to offer, perhaps feeling that we are “not ready” or “not healed enough”. It is essential to take a step back from time to time and consider some alternate perspectives.

A great way to broaden your vision is to engage in a Reflections Exercise with a few trusted friends. Take a sheet of paper and write down five things about yourself that you do well. These could be character traits such as honesty or compassion, or talents such as being a good organiser, a creative thinker or a hard worker. Next, write down one thing that you feel is a challenge for you and choose the first one that comes to mind. This will give you a good sense of what bothers you most about yourself since that is usually the first thing we think about. This challenge aspect could be something as simple as not keeping a tidy house, arriving late for appointments or forgetting to answer text messages from friends. Try to follow your instincts without thinking too much about your answers but take note if this exercise brings up emotions such as anger, frustration or sadness. Take some time to honour these feelings as they arise, since they bring valuable messages about what is important for you to recognise.

When you are ready, write down what you expect your best friend or trusted partner would list as your top five strengths and your challenge aspect, to see how they might be different. Choose someone who knows you well and values you highly and if no one fits the bill, then a pet will do just fine. Sometimes seeing ourselves through our dog’s eyes can be very enlightening! Now, compare these two lists. How does your self-analysis compare with your perception of how a loved one sees you? What does this contribute to your self-awareness? If you have someone to share this exercise with, you can ask them to compile their own list and then see how it compares with yours. Did they give the answers that you expected? How are their observations different to yours and what can this show you? Now write a list for them and compare notes. How does your perception of them differ from their own? What can you contribute to their self-awareness? Of course, this exercise works best when approached with a sense of fun and a healthy dose of loving acceptance.

Discovering how others perceive us can broaden our vision of ourselves and bring our attention to places where we overlook our talents or are too self-critical. We may realise that something we judged as a hindrance may actually be a strength when viewed from a different perspective. This exercise also opens a doorway for candid discussion with those we are close to and enables us to share how we feel. The point of this exercise is not to project our own judgements or dislikes towards our loved ones but to provide an honest reflection of what we see and how things appear from our point of view. As someone standing on the “outside” we can offer a valuable perspective that may not be visible from the “inside”. If you are comfortable receiving input from more than one person at a time, you might like to organise a group exercise where you can all benefit from a variety of perspectives. Connecting with friends and sharing our journeys to self-awareness can remind us that life is an ongoing adventure of growth and experience. And sharing your unique perspective with those close to you can add so much richness to that journey.

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