Kindness Crew of FNQ

Kindness is the new cool and there’s a group of people that have banded together in Cairns and the Tablelands, The Kindness Crew of FNQ, to spread kindness throughout the community in a variety of fun and unique ways. Anything can happen with the kindness crew from holding up signs at a busy intersection to being showered in rose petals, you’re never quite sure when or how these random acts of kindness might be sprung on you!

Their latest event celebrating Kindness Week from 16th – 23rd February was a Kindness Bus Tour!

Kindness People4
People jumped on board to enjoy the ride touring Cairns in a double-decker bus spreading kindness at various locations, from the Cairns Esplanade, to Aged Care, to a Kindergarten, a Shopping Centre and a mystery location before stopping for a delicious lunch at the Yorkeys Knob Boat Club.
Live soulful music from Ivy Original Music and fun along the way with the Cosmic Cleaning Lady and Nikki the Clown.

Everyone on the bus was given Random Acts of Kindness bags to give away, and there were hundreds of flowers and a few surprises given away too. They also make donations to Ruths Womens Shelter, homeless people and local families struggling with illness.

Renee Cashman-McAlpine founder and one of the co-ordinators of the Kindness Crew of FNQ said, “Kindness is an essential element for the wellbeing of the self, the family and community. If we can foster more kindness we will see a decline in numbers of depression, anxiety and suicide. In fact kindness itself is a remedy for it increases all the feel good hormones – serotonin, oxytocin and dopamine.”

Renee has experienced the healing power of kindness herself, as she journeys the road of grief, after losing her 14year old son to an asthma attack 4 years ago. “Practicing random acts of kindness takes you away from your own heartaches and problems. When practicing kindness you’re thinking about someone else and making them smile, lifting their heart, and that makes you smile and lifts your heart in return.”

ENQUIRIES & INTERVIEWS: Renee Cashman: 0428 846 799 / 4093 3105