Edition #169 – Plants

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Welcome to the 169th edition of Connect Magazine North Qld for June, July and August 2023 with the theme of Plants.

It is with a heavy heart that we say goodbye to the wonderful woman, The Universal Storyteller, that submitted the Siddha Stories since the very beginning in 2004. Last edition was the last story she shared The Precious Gem, how fitting for she has left a gem within all us. Or perhaps I should say, she has guided our awareness to the gem that we are and helped us polish it, so that we may shine that light into the world. This edition I share a personal story on page 38 about The Universal Storyteller and following this I shall dig through the archives and begin to publish her stories once again!

I was excited about an article on magic mushrooms even though I discovered that fungi is not a plant – they’re a kingdom of their own! Nonetheless an amazing essay of 5000 words was submitted on the Power of Psilocybin with the note it was too hard to trim to editorial size. He was right about that so I handed it over to my Mum, Alvia and she cut it down to size for us. You can however read the entire article online on our website but for a taster, read page 22 and 23.
In line with the October Sound Healing Symposium, our theme will be Resonance for our Sept-Oct-Nov Edition.
Hope you enjoy this edition.