Edition #160 Third Eye Chakra



We’ve had so many contributions this edition I found it really challenging to fit them all in, and had to edit some down to allow space for others to express themselves and still not all editorials made it.
So to pick a couple of highlights is hard but I’ll start with the opening article, Befriending Your Higher Self by Kerrie Womersley on page 9. What a great way to think about it and what changes that could create! We also continue on with the fabulous regular contributions on Chakras and Relationships by Ella Shannon on page 11, and Chakras and Emotions by Jo Wooler on page 18.
I’m excited about Crystal Grids by the lovely Wendy and Clive on page 13, who have been creating these healing artworks for many years. There’s actually a bit of an extra crystal presence in the magazine this edition, we have our Crystal Feature on page 15 and there’s a few advertisements involving crystals on these pages too. On our Faces of the Far North on page 62, the question was asked, “If you could be a crystal which would it be and why?”
We have a fabulous feature on the Chinese New Year of the Golden Ox by Feng Shui Master Jan Leese on page 16 and two Therapy Features on page 26 and 28.
And please check out and support the NEW Arts NQ Magazine on pages 35-43.